100319 Friday “Adepto Animum”

"Where's Lloyd?"

Please remember to wear Red on Fridays for Project Red Shirt!

WOD: With a continuously running clock, each round starts at the 5 minute mark:

Round 1: 30 Wall Ball Shots (OR 30 Kettlebell swings) followed by 400m Run.

Round 2: 30 Kettlebell swings (OR 30 Wall Ball Shots) followed by 400m Run.

Round 3: Same as Round 1

Round 4: Same as Round 2

Round 5: Same as Round 1

Round 6: Same as Round 2

Keep track of your time it takes you to complete each round. Post your total time of work to comments with kettlebell load and wall ball weight/height. Rx’d kettlebell weight is 1.5 and 1 pood.

24 thoughts on “100319 Friday “Adepto Animum”

  1. T-Bone

    Wow, six 400m runs. I can’t properly express my joy at seeing this. Indeed, I am super happy about running after wall balls…because my hamstrings aren’t quite over being pissed off about Wednesday. Tom, I expect you to waste some of your breath screaming “REST WHEN YOUR DEAD!” at me this morning…

  2. T-Bone

    That should read “REST WHEN YOU’RE DEAD!” I am most certain that Tom will use proper grammar when he screams at me…

  3. J$

    Ya know I was having a similar sentiment to T-bone. Maybe it has something to do with us looking at this WOD between 2 and 4 am. Maybe the WODS just look better after 5 am. How great can tomorrows WOD look in the middle of the night when you are obviously not getting the sleep you should? Maybe the reason Tom can chirp “rest when you are dead” is because he actually got some rest.

  4. T-Bone

    Well, I was only up looking at the WOD was because Brian’s pager went off and he had to go in. And, he’s still not home. So, I guess I am missing 6:00 am yet again. I hate doctors. I also hate patients. I’d rather be doing six 400m runs right now. Just sayin’.

  5. Carly Albee

    I forgot to tell you guys… I have some good friends who are teachers at Rugby Middle School. Their students have worked really hard to host a race tomorrow to raise money for the Special Olympics. If you are interested in running @9:00 let me know. Perhaps we can carpool. It costs $15 to run and we can register when we get there. Here’s the link http://www.rug.henderson.k12.nc.us/5K.pdf

  6. Britt

    Great WOD! I think I about puked on my 4th 400meter run. Maybe b/c Shanna said it was going to be the hardest so I made it my fastest……Ugh! Gotta get those sprinting lungs back in shape. Matt I know you’re dying to participate but it sure helps to have you on the sidelines cheering 🙂 Thanks for all the encouragement!!!

  7. J$

    Matt – I was neither whinging or whinning. I was simply commenting on the fact that ones outlook tends to be better after a good nights sleep.

  8. miriam

    Wow. What a fantastic Wod. Seriously. It just about slayed me during it but I felt GREAT afterwards. Hey Betsy, didn’t you feel great afterwards too? (You looked like you were going to kill me when I said that to you, ha ha) 🙂

    I also want to say that I love the 5 a.m. class for so many reasons. Y’all are so supportive in so many ways, and not just in terms of cheering my tired old bones thru the WOD. When I wake up in the morning and start feeling overwhelmed, I remember I’ve got a supportive and fun group of people at the gym.

    To Kim: You are an angel. I didn’t open your card until I got home, and I wept. I don’t know what to say other than thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness.

    To Kate: I hope you find your keys, and I am thinking of you with love as well.

    To Tamara: Now, tut tut. Don’t say you hate patients. They need your husband’s expertise. Plus it’s not seemly to publicly announce that you hate patients, and I know you are all about keeping your image as a physician’s wife pristine.

  9. miriam

    Oh for crying out loud, TO ANGELA, not to Kim. I may feel great but my brain is not awake. ANGELA, YOU ROCK (so do you Kim, but Angela is my star today). so so sorry, Angela. Shanna, we need a recall feature on our stupid postings.

  10. elizabeth

    i miss you coming to night classes Miriam, but you won’t see me at the 5. a.m. class i am NOT a morning person – was hoping to have another crack at being stunningly supportive and fun to be in class with! glad you found a spot that is working with your schedule though!

  11. Tom

    I agree, great wod, an all out assault. T-bone, I’m with Miriam on this one. It’s those patients your husband so dutifully sees that provide the means to allow you to spend all his money on grass fed organic meats, coconut milk, home fitness equipment, a fitness membership, etc. This is not as much fun as giving you grief in person.

  12. Matt Baldwin

    Sorry J$, I didn’t mean to berate you so much as T-Bone. 🙂 Of course, in the end, she got hosed out of the WOD and so, I feel bad for that too.

    And believe me, I agree with you about the need for sleep and its relation to attitude.

    Better days ahead!

  13. Shanna Post author

    Name Rnd1/Rnd2/Rnd3/Rnd4/Rnd5/Rnd6 Total time KB wght/WB Height/Wght/run distance
    Ethan 220/228/240/300/300/245 16:12 45/10’/12lbs/400m
    Rustan 203/208/205/211/211/214 12:52 53/10’/12lbs/400m
    Robert 204/210/213/219/226/222 13:34 45/10’/10lbs/400m
    Tom 213/220/213/230/231/220 14?07 53/10’/12lbs/400m
    Lauren 17:53 35/10’/10lbs/400m row
    Dale 230/219/234/232/242/224 15:01 45/10’/10lbs/400m
    BetsyF. 254/249/255/258/258/243 17:16 25/8’/8lbs/400m
    Carly 16:59 26/400m
    Micah 236/229/226/237/240/232 15:20 26/8’/10lbs/400m
    Amy 308/247/313/245/324/255 18:12 18lbs/400m
    Jules 254/252/255/253/309/249 17:31 25/8’/6lbs/400m
    T-Bone 222/235/244/350/353/450 20:10 35lbs/12lbs/10’/400m
    Lisa Thiel 225/224/223/221/221/215 14:08 35lbs/10lbs/10’/400m
    JT 214/213/215/213/209/204 13:08 53lbs/12lbs/10’/400m
    BF 215/228/233/228/231/214 14:27
    Ant 247/307/307/333/321/307 19:02
    Kelly 240/241/249/249/251/245 16:34 26lbs/10lbs/8’/400m
    Tina 238/304/324/329/323/304 19:02 18lbs/8lbs/8’/400m
    Marin 258/239/248/248/238
    J$ 248/303/303/310/315/313 18:32 26lbs/6lbs/8’/400m
    Sarah 251/250/302/315/323/333 18:54 28lbs/10lbs/8’/400m
    Daniel T. 256/311/308/305/304/309 18:33 35lbs/10lbs/10’/400×3,200×3
    Steven 232/230/233/227/237/239 15:30 35lbs/12lbs/10’/400m
    Britt 240/232/228/235/225/231 15:11 26lbs/10lbs/8’/400m
    Angela 254/237/239/227/233/220 15:30 18lbs/4lbs/8’/400m
    Wendy 240/238/240/243/240/242 16:03 26lbs/10lbs/8’/400m
    Kim S. 253/248/241/249/250/256 16:57 26lbs/8lbs/8’/400m
    Maggie 235/228/238/237/242/231 15:31 26lbs/10lbs/8’/400m
    Miriam 245/223/241/229/253/224 15:35 18lbs/6lbs/8’/200m
    Seth 232/227/215/220/224/212 14:10 20lbs/8lbs/10’/200m
    Tim 233/254/300/323/309/326 18:26 26/20lbs/10lbs/10’/400m
    Loren 245/315/302/304/258/251 17:55 45lbs/12lbs/10’/400m
    Dawn 215/231/217/238/228/248 14:14 26lbs/8lbs/8’/400m
    Jana 217/212/221/206/222/209 13:22 10lbs/4lbs/8’/200m
    Shonnie 223/246/234/306/235/313 17:38 10lbs/4lbs/8’/400m
    A 209/200/239/239/250/239 14:28 26lbs/10lbs/8’/2x200m, 4x400m
    Becca 223/228/231/228/225/225 14:40 35lbs/8lbs/8’/400m
    Tony 258/313/323/328/338/340 19:00 35lbs/8lbs/10’/400m
    Phil B. 156/258/234/247/236/249 15:40 26lbs/8lbs/10’/1×200,5x400m
    Christina 216/300/237/304/238/255 16:30 18lbs/8lbs/8’/1×200,5x400m
    Jen M. 200/234/238/232/244/235 15:00 18/20lbs/10lbs/8’/1x200m, 5x400m
    Carolyn 230/244/243/300/306/321 17:24 18lbs/8lbs/8’/200m
    Mark B. 245/252/229/242/239/232 14:39 35lbs/12lbs/10’/400m
    Heather J. 313/242/321/249/334/246 18:25 10/15lbs/8lbs/8’/200m
    Kimberly 302/303/259/312/303/305 18:28 35lbs/10lbs/8’/400m
    Jen L. 245/334/256/340/259/330 19:40 35lbs/10lbs/10’/400m

  14. Amanda Savage

    This WOD looked exciting. I am pissed that I didn’t get to do it this morning. Damn migraine all night and it would not have been safe for me to WOD on the drugs that I had to take for it. See everyone on Monday.

  15. T-Bone

    Yes, yes. I love doctors. I love patients. I did not love that WOD. I have offically declared that to be my Worst. WOD. Performance. Of. All. Time. I mean, it was epic.

  16. Betsy Fedder

    Thank you (Shanna) for correcting my math. I knew what I came up with seemed a little to close to my fellow rock star 6amer’s times. Great WOD–good to know I can hang with the big dogs during the running! What a huge improvement over when I started. Miriam–I felt awesome afterwards–you were right!

  17. miriam

    Betsy, Glad you felt awesoome afterwards. I realize I demonstrated poor CF etiquette by chirping “you’ll feel grrrrreat!” right in the middle of your killer workout but I was on some kind post-WOD endorphin crazy high, so I didn’t know what I was doing.

    Awww, Elisabeth. You are still a superheroine to me even if you are not a morning person. I am a morning person by circumstance, not choice.

  18. miriam

    Betsy, Glad you felt awesome afterwards. I realize I demonstrated poor CF etiquette by chirping “you’ll feel grrrrreat!” right in the middle of your killer workout but I was on some kind post-WOD endorphin crazy high, so I didn’t know what I was doing.

    Awww, Elisabeth. You are still a superheroine to me even if you are not a morning person. I am a morning person by circumstance, not choice.

  19. Kim S

    21 posts?? you all we’re busy! Miriam, I read your comment and wondered what I had done or said to be an angel. Then you posts that you confused me with Angela. I’m used to everyone confusing me with someone, Angela, Wendy… Anyway glad you have an angel. BTW the WOD should be renamed PUKED.


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