100320 Saturday

Strength/Skill Work Weighted Ring Dips 3-3-3-3-1-1-1

Partner WOD

One partner runs a 200m sandbag run (50lbs/25lbs)

While the other partner completes as many Power Clean and Jerks as possible. (80% of max C&J not to exceed 155/105lbs)

When the other partner returns switch tasks.

Complete 4 total rounds.

Post loads and total reps to comments. Also, it is not necessary to use the same bar as your partner.

16 thoughts on “100320 Saturday

  1. Tom

    Sweet looking WOD. Sorry to miss it. Robert and I are doing a partner WOD of our own. We’re gonna beat his Dad and one of his friends senseless on the Grove Park In Golf course.

  2. elizabeth

    man i have been dying to get at a sandbag run since running is a weakness of mine i somehow think carrying something heavy will be a positive for me!!! but of course i slept past the beginning of class :(
    please give me a sandbag soon crossfit santa

  3. Jen Leister

    WOD: Summit Cold Mountain Time 5:40 The never-ending trail kicked our asses! It feels so good to sit down, finally. :)

  4. miriam

    Strangely, I want to run with a sandbag too. I have never done this but it sounds compelling. I don’t know why, because I suck at running, so the sandbag will NOT help me whatsoever.

    Hey coaches, would you consider doing clinics or focused skill building sessions on the following?
    1. Moving slow as molasses 200 m joggers to effective and efficient 400 m sprinters (I don’t know what POSE is, but I think that’s what I should be striving for.)
    2. Moving slow and klutzy single under jump ropers to double unders.
    3. Helping pathetic, weak kippers achieve their first kip chin up.

    I’ll be at all of them if time/schedule allows. Yours in positive suckitude, Miriam

  5. miriam

    Oh, Matt Matt Matt. What??? I’m being positive, dude. I want to improve. Suckitude-ness is a fine place to be if you want to improve.

  6. T-Bone

    Miriam, you can always come play at my house. I have a sandbag. I have a jump rope. I have a pullup bar. And, I have alcohol. But, you are not allowed to say that you suck. I admit that I still sometimes slip up with that one. But, that was the first bad habit that Shanna helped me break, haha.

  7. miriam

    OK, I get it, y’all. Let me reframe my request and say that while I have made unbelievable gains since beginning crossfit, I wish to improve in the 3 areas of kipping, running, and double unders and would gladly attend a clinic dedicated to those skills. Then, I will be even better than I am now. How’s that?

  8. Tom

    I think video would be a great tool, could post correct/incorrect form. I love my flip video, its so easy to use and easy to post utube videos. Perhaps the crossfit cult could pitch in and buy the gym one, I’ll start the kitty with 20 bucks.

  9. T-Bone

    Tom, the infuser AND the grill/smoker.

    I’m in on a kitty for the Flip. I’ve been posting videos for feedback, and it really helps.

    But, it’s a good cult…

  10. Shanna Post author

    Names Time (after reps) Reps Weights Sandbag
    Ed/Sparkles 12:37 39/34 85/75lbs 50lbs
    Mark W./Sean 14:28 51 155lbs 50lbs
    Shannon/Ethan 10:38 53/42 75lbs 50lbs
    Jules/Carolyn 15:02 42/44 48/28lbs 25lbs
    Daniel/Don 12:17 25/29 142/55lbs 50lbs
    J$/Tara 13:32 25/23 80lbs/43/38lbs 25lbs
    Matt/Tony 12:18 47/47 55lbs 50lbs
    Shanna/Dawn 12:19 35/25 105/75lbs 50lbs


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