100322 Monday “Cleaner Shins”

Strength/Skill Work: Overhead squat


5 rounds of:

30 seconds of max rep power cleans (70% of power clean 1RM not to exceed 135/95lbs)

30 seconds of max rep box jumps (24″/20″)

1 minute rest

Record your reps during the 1 minute rest and post total power cleans, total box jumps as well as load and height to comments.

12 thoughts on “100322 Monday “Cleaner Shins”

  1. kate duinkerken

    Hi Guys.
    I will not be able to participate in the Falafel 5k. Anyone want my ticket? The shirt is an XL, which seems to be an issue since nobody is that big. But lets face it, are you really going to wear the shirt? I’m giving you a free ticket to run around Asheville with your CrossFit friends…Let me know.

    JCC Falafel 5K

    Date: April 18, 2010
    Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

    Asheville JCC
    236 Charlotte Street
    Asheville, NC 28801

    Also, I will be unable to do the Warrior Dash. NOT HAPPY, NOT HAPPY, NOT HAPPY. Let me know if you are interested in this one as well. http://www.warriordash.com/register2010_southeast.php I’m in the 12:30 wave on Saturday. Very sad about this one since I got us all pumped to go…Still the XL shirt.

    Guess I didn’t believe in myself hard enough to order a smaller shirt. There is always next year….

    1. ali

      i’ll take your ticket! been meaning to sign up, but with being out of town for a month, i kinda forgot. looks like the universe is workin’ on my behalf :)
      ali schantz

  2. T-Bone

    Since Kate mentioned it, everyone please sign up for the Falafel 5K! We need CFA to represent and kick some ass! And, the Warrior Dash is going to be a huge party…just sayin’.

  3. M3

    kate: hush, girl…i wear a xx…but, i don’t run 5k unless they sub beer at the water stations…oh, what’s that? no water stations on a 5k…

  4. miriam

    So what does it mean that I can do esoteric funky stuff like the duck walk without blinking an eye? I waddled past Frank yesterday morning on my duck walk and he said, rather admiringly, “Dang, Miriam.” Is that really what I want to be known for? Quack Quack.

  5. Shanna Post author

    Name # of burpees Total reps PC Wght/Box Hght OHS
    Mike N. 27 95/95#/115#/135#x3/24″ 5x135lbs
    Wendy 23 97/55lbs/20″ 3x55lbs
    Frank 17 125/65lbs/24″ 2x75lbs
    Kim S. 15 92/38lbs/20″ 5x23lbs PR!
    Dan F. 24 97/105lbs/24″ 2x85lbs
    Kate 17 129/38lbs/18″ 1x58lbs
    Miriam 22 97/38lbs/20″ 3x38lbs
    Aidan 12 77/38lbs/20″ 3x43lbs
    Carly 22 99/75lbs/20″ 5x5x70lbs
    Robert 25 98/105lbs/24″ 1x70lbs
    Rustan 29 Rx’d @102/135lbs/24″ 5x135lbs
    Dale 25 108/108lbs/24″ 4x5x93lbs
    Tom 26 Rx’d @ 93/135lbs/24″ 3x125lbs
    Jana 17 103/38lbs/20″ 3x43lbs
    Seth 15 118/48lbs/20″ 5x45lbs
    Britt 17 117/43lbs/20″ 5x53lbs
    Terumi 18 90/55lbs/20″ 3x65lbs
    A 19 108/72lbs/16″ 3x60lbs
    Becca 23 125/52lbs/22″ 5x53lbs
    Tony 17 94/65lbs/20″ 2x85lbs
    Carolyn 14 91/38lbs/16″ 5x38lbs
    Lindrum 14 77/55lbs/20″ 5x45lbs
    MCK 14 92/52lbs/16″ 5x52lbs
    KK 24 104/110lbs/20″ 2x5x65lbs
    Jen M. 23 106/38lbs/20″ 5x55lbs
    Kimberly 17 107/55lbs/20″ 3x75lbs
    Tim 17 92/48lbs/20″ 5x38lbs
    jen L. 20 103/70lbs/20″ 5x75lbs
    Marin 13 88/48lbs/20″ 5x48lbs
    Brooke D. 14 113/38lbs/20″ 5x49lbs
    Red 19 99/68lbs/20″ 1x78lbs
    Micah 17 113/38lbs/20″
    Ali 12 97/38lbs/20″ 2x5x38lbs
    Anne 26 Rx’d@ 103/95lbs/20″ 3x5x58lbs
    Phil B. 25 140/38lbs/20″
    Daniel Sm. 26 Rx’d@ 84/135lbs/24″ 3x180lbs
    Brain 23 78/111lbs/24″ 5x4x75lbs
    Rebecca 12 106/31/10″ 5x11lbs
    Elin 19 92/85lbs/20″ 2x5x85lbs
    M3 20 96/96lbs/23″ 3x165lbs PR!
    e. Hake 22 108/75lbs/20″ 1x100lbs PR!
    Amanda 22 109/43lbs/20″ 3x58lbs
    R.S. 20 105/95lbs/24″ 5x100lbs


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