100324 Wednesday “Thumper”

David opening the hips to push weight overhead.

Strength/Skill Work: Kipping Pull-up Progression -or- if you have your kipping pull-up complete 3 attempts of max rep kipping pull-ups (without ripping your hands!)


5 Rounds for time of:

400m or 200m Run

15 Thrusters (Fran weight,70% of thruster 5RM not to exceed 95/65lbs)

22 thoughts on “100324 Wednesday “Thumper”

  1. Red Foot

    Hey all! I think I’m with Tom today. My body is asking me for a rest day! So I hope you all have a great Work out! See you all tomorrow!

  2. Micah Pulleyn

    Tom & Redfoot,

    You missed a good one. Enjoy your day, though! I hope you get a chance to get out and play in the sunshine.

  3. Kim S

    What’s with everyone taking off? This workout was i-n-t-e-n-s-e. When I was driving home, my arms were shaking. The running we’ve added back to our WODs are kicking them up several notches. I’m going to have to move to the “silver class” although Corey wouldn’t tell me the age requirement.

  4. Micah Pulleyn

    I did the 400m. And we’re hitting the trails for a mean mountain bike ride later today after work. Yikes!

  5. miriam

    I ran (well, slogged) 400’s for the first time ever– 4 of the 5 runs at 400. I am NOT a runner unlike many of my 5 a.m. compatriots. I am waddling around my house tonight in pain. Someone please teach me how to run.

  6. T-Bone

    Miriam and Seth, thanks for making me feel like I did the WOD with you today when I didn’t step foot in the gym, haha. Miriam, congrats on those 400s. They suck even more than the 200s, no? Seth, congrats on kicking boo-tay and for sharing with me and your staff. After I left, one of the guys said, “So, how much does this CrossFit cost anyway?” HAHA. I daresay you will have some more converts soon.

  7. Britt

    Yes! Very different from our LSD runs. Getting back into sprint shape is kicking my butt! My lungs feel like they are going to EXPLODE every sprint! Good try Kim on the ‘silver group”! See even Corey thinks you’re not old!

  8. M3

    Miriam: practice the POSE stuff as often as you can. You don’t even really have to actually run to practice it every day…not saying you don’t have to practice it in a run…but, if, in a single day, you can find just 3 times to concentrate on the posture and do it for 5 or 6 steps…you have practiced the ‘form’ of the technique and it will add up. It’s good technique. ‘No Can Defend’ 😉

  9. miriam

    Kim, you have to be over 50 to be considered in the “masters” group, but I am here to tell you that it doesn’t make a bit of difference. I’ve tried the “i’m to old to do this” angle and i get no sympathy. Whatever happened to respecting your elders?

    I don’t quite know what POSE is. I started CF in the early winter so the running portion of my WODs were short lived. I am aware it has something to do with running on the balls of one’s feet leaning forward to propel oneself, but that’s about it! Any good url’s or websites I can look at?

  10. Shanna Post author

    Name Time Thrusters Run Total Pull-ups
    Kim 14:24 28lbs 400m 1!
    Wendy 15:08 42lbs 400m
    Jess 15:07 35lbs 400m 1!
    Britt 15:40 38lbs 400m 4
    Carly 16:28 38lbs 400m 17 high (48 total)
    Rustan 17:52 Rx’d@95lbs 400m 20 high
    Ali 17:24 33/28lbs 400m
    R.S. 17:32 75lbs 400m 21
    Jana 15:51 28lbs 200m
    Seth 14:16 42lbs 200m 1!
    Kate 16:34 35lbs 200m
    Becca 14:53 45lbs 400m 30 total
    Lindrum 17:19 38lbs 200m? 3!
    Terumi 17:34 38lbs 400m 3
    Mark B. 15:47 55lbs 400m 8 (15 total)
    Jen M. 17:31 33lbs 400m 1/2×3
    Katie 16:24 Rx’d @65lbs 400m
    Christina 16:18 28lbs 200m
    Micah 15:01 40lbs 400m
    Carolyn 15:54 23lbs 200m
    Shalene 18:10 18lbs 400m
    Robert 19:40 85lbs 400m 17high (44 total)
    Kimberly 19:39 55lbs 320m row 3
    Heather J. 19:06 11lbs 19:06 200m
    Jen L. 19:45 55lbs 400m 4
    Mike N. 19:45 Rx’d @ 95lbs 400m
    Sean 19:48 Rx’d @ 95lbs 400m
    M3 23:00 95lbs 500mx3,400mrowx2 8/7/7
    Elin 19:04 65lbs 200m
    E Hake 20:58 65lbs 200m 17 high!
    Lizard 23:20 48lbs 400m row 3 pull-ups
    Anne 17:04 Rx’d @ 65lbs 400m 3 pull-ups

  11. tara

    I found the perfect motivation for running yesterday. There was a homeless looking man wrapped up in what looked like 50 blankets walking in the middle of the street. He also had a cane. All I could think was “nancy kerrigan/tanya harding”, so even as my legs were tiring my sense of self preservation kicked in, haha. Gotta love AVL!

  12. M3

    miriam: i’m sure the mainsite has vids…i’ve never looked. I bet Coach S will have POSE drills for us all one day very soon . 🙂


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