100326 Friday “Grace”

Please remember to wear Red on Fridays (today) for Project Red Shirt!

Strength/Skill Work Pistols 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 (7 sets of 3 per leg)


30 reps of

Power Clean and Jerk

For time.

Use 65-70% of your max jerk not to exceed 135/95lbs.
If your previous time was under 5 minutes it is time to go up in weight! Last performed on 091203.

13 thoughts on “100326 Friday “Grace”

  1. miriam

    Sleep prevailed this morning. I was in deep REM sleep at 5 a.m. dreaming about working out. The WOD seemed much easier in my dreams. Sorry for missing class.

  2. Daniel T.

    I actually had a dream about “Grace” last night! NO JOKE! Now if I can just Rx it in under 2 minutes in my waking life…. HA!

  3. Micah Pulleyn

    Just wasn’t feeling it today. Gonna get on the yoga mat and get my ass whooped by my favorite yoga teacher! Have a wonderful weekend, folks!

  4. Aidan

    I’m so glad to be back in class — thanks for partnering with me Betsy! I’m proud of my pistols using a 14-inch weight stack — getting lower 🙂

  5. Shanna Post author

    Name Time Wght Previous
    Britt 2:38 48lbs 4:39 @ 38lbs
    Wendy 3:16 52lbs n/a
    Kim 3:02 43lbs 4:05 @ 31lbs
    Kat 2:37 48lbs n/a
    KK 4:10 115lbs 2:21 @ 101lbs
    Evan 4:08 95lbs n/a
    Dale 5:54 120lbs 4;56 @ 115lbs
    MCK 3:28 48lbs 3:48 @ 48lbs
    Aidan 4:19 47lbs 3:30 @ 28lbs
    Dan 3:58 90lbs n/a 1st bar muscle-up!
    Robert 2:57 95lbs 3:07 @ 75lbs
    Betsy 3:47 47lbs 3:44 @ 28lbs
    Maggie 3;35 68lbs n/a
    Jana 3:12 48lbs n/a
    Tim 3:54 65lbs n/a
    A 1:57 65lbs n/a
    Mike N. 5:04 Rx’d @ 135lbs n/a
    Seth 2:51 65lbs
    Dawn 2:45 65lbs 3:46 w/43lbs
    Tony 4:17 62lbs
    Phil L. 3:08 38lbs n/a
    Kimberly 3:21 65lbs 2:52 @ 55lbs
    Heather 2:47 31lbs n/a
    Christina 3:45 48lbs n/a
    Ali 4:20 48lbs n/a
    David 3:54 Rx’d @ 135lbs
    Tina 3:30 38lbs
    Katie 5:44 80lbs 4:15 @ 75lbs
    Kate VW 2:26 52lbs
    Daniel T. 4:43 Rx’d @ 135lbs 2:40 @ 89lbs
    Steven 2:56 89lbs

    Great work today everyone! Incredible improvements and first time meetings with Grace!

  6. M3

    now all i can think about is doing grace tomorrow instead of my dl’s… i guess i could do my DL’s and then do grace…

  7. Shanna

    I am so sorry! I put the stats into the system quickly. I oddly remember these stats though…today you used 80lbs and finished in 4:24. I know you improved about 30 seconds from last time at the same weight of 80lbs. Was your old time 4:56?
    Regardless, awesome job!
    Congrats to Aidan’s pistols on a 14 inch box and congrats to all of those who hit their first pistols today! To name a few Dan, Tom, Dale and Doug from the 6am and then MCK, Phoebe and Katie later in the morning! (My sincere apologies if I missed anyone!) I love that Katie admitted that hearing that other ladies got their first pistol today motivated her to get hers too! Oh the power of a supportive community.
    I love seeing all of your results and improvements on a daily basis. For those of you I do not see tomorrow, have a great weekend!

  8. J$

    Thanks for posting Shanna!! I just doesn’t feel legitimate if it’s not in pink (actually it was 4:22) and I don’t remember my old time but pretty sure it was in the 4:50’s. Grace is the one of the few workouts I can do and truly be excited for when we get to do it again.

  9. T-Bone

    So, yes, I was super sad to miss Grace, my absolute favorite WOD. Nice times and improvements everyone! But, I did break my week of rest and recovery with a WOD with Dunsey and Becky and the rest of the crew at CrossFit Local in Chapel Hill.

    200 KB swings (35 lbs) for time. Each time you rested, you had to do a 100m sandbag sprint (15 lbs).

    I did 81 consecutive swings in the first set, hahaha. That was insane for me. Insane. It took me four more sets to finish, so I got stuck with four sandbag runs. I was going to do 200 consecutive like Dunsey, but I don’t like to be a copy cat…and actually Dunsey decided that she was too cool to do 200, so she did 210 consecutive…in 6:09.


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