100329 Monday “Singled Out”

Strength/Skill Work Snatch Balance 3-3-3-3-3-3-3


3 Rounds of:

25 Kettlebell swings (1.5/1 pood)
15 Right arm dumbbell push press (25/45lbs)
25 Kettlebell swings
15 Left arm dumbbell push press

For time.

This WOD was last completed on 100104.

14 thoughts on “100329 Monday “Singled Out”

  1. miriam

    Great workout. Beat my January time, and I swung a 25 lb kb for the first round and for the first time ever (I am an tried and true 18 lb-er). For those of you wondering about yesterday’s discussion board exchange, some wonderful outcomes occured this morning. We practiced what was preached. We all sprinted–not jogged-up the hill, and we practiced good running form as our warm up. And this morning I was appointed Corey’s surrogate “Crossfit mother-in-law.” I hope his real mother in law doesn’t take offense, ha ha! Some guys need two, what can I say.

  2. M3

    this should be called “Die Tri’ing” and I haven’t even done it yet.

    sunday, i was really sore from 10am till about 2pm…then ‘poof’ gone…wierd.

  3. T-Bone

    This WOD was not my friend in January. Before I knew what the WOD was this morning, I said that I needed something that did not require the use of my shoulders…because my shoulders are in no way recovered from the 200 KB swing WOD I did on Friday. I couldn’t even get my sports bra over my head. For realz. I then walked into the gym and almost cried when I saw this. Knowing that I was going to scale it did not make me any more happy. I got home and couldn’t lift my arm high enough to get a coffee cup out of the cabinet. Brian handed me one, and I promptly dropped it and it smashed on the floor. 350 KB swings + 90 dumbbell push presses in 3 days = this is going to be ugly. But, you know, it’s like Shanna and Corey have said to me time and time again…when that tiger is chasing you, it doesn’t care that you ran in your WOD yesterday. So, more KB swings it is, whoohoo!

  4. Micah Pulleyn

    Wow. Katie, you’re right. This was certainly a perfect workout to prepare for that summer cocktail dress!

  5. ali

    tamara: i couldn’t even push the soap pump down to wash my hands after the wod, had to use both hands. GREAT wod!!

  6. Matt Baldwin

    Thanks guys. That WOD was really fun for me. I don’t know if it would have mattered WHAT we did today. I was just glad to be doing something.

    I really can’t remember if I finished in 9:13 or 10:13 so I am erring on the conservative time side. Anyway, I went up in weight from last time, and went faster than last time. So, at least for this pairing, the rest period didn’t hurt me at all! A good reminder: being sidelined is an opportunity for regrouping and recuperation.

  7. Shanna

    Name Time KB#/DB# Snatch Balance
    Dawn 9:11 15R20L/15lbs 28lbs
    Kat 8:37 18/10 23lbs
    Miriam 10:01 25/18/10R/8L 32lbs
    Kim S. 11:15 26/12 18lbs 11:48 on 1/4
    Carly 10:38 26/12 55lbs
    Aidan 12:46 26/15 33lbs
    T-Bone 13:10 26/20(R1)15(R2/3) 55lbs
    Betsy 11:44 25/15
    Sparkles16:58 44/30 65lbs
    Dale 14:25 53/25 75lbs
    Tom 12:38 Rxd 53/35 75lbs
    Charley 11:35 26/20
    A 10:31 26/20 33lbs
    Seth 10:48 26/20 52lbs
    Lindrum 8:23 15/10 28lbs
    Becca 10:16 35/15 18lbs
    Jana 9:17 18/10 33lbs
    Tony 13:22 35/15 32lbs
    Loren 12:45 45/15 90lbs
    KK 11:18 45/25 35lbs
    MCK 11:48 26/20 38lbs
    Kimberly12:36 3×35/26×3/15 38lbs
    Marin 10:40 20/15 33lbs
    Micah 9:55 26/15 28lbs
    Red 13:03 26/20 65lbs
    Katie 10;47 Rxd 35/25 75lbs
    Jules 12:06 25/10 48lbs
    David 14:53 53/35 115lbs
    Mike 18:05 Rxd 53/45 3x115lbs
    Shanna 9:08 Rxd 35/25 n/a
    Jen S. 11:43 18/12 33lbs
    Lisa B. 10:55 18/10 28lbs
    Jamie 11;43 25/25 28lbs
    Tina 9:38 18/10 38lbs
    Ali 9:51 20/12 33lbs
    Dan F. 12:39 45/35 75lbs
    Dan M. 18:01 Rxd 53/45 125lbs
    Beth 11:09 20/12 38lbs
    M3 17:17 Rxd 53/45 95lbs
    Amanda 12:53 26/15 2:32 improvement! 38lbs
    Elin 15:48 Rxd 35/25
    Brian 14:48 44/30 50lbs

  8. tara

    12:32, improved from 13:20 @ 18lb bell and 12lb dumbbell. I’ve gone up to the 26lb bell since Jan. but was curious to see how far I’ve come. I got all of the swings consecutively and that was a feat all by itself.


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