100330 Tuesday “Atlantis”

Tamara looks like she is about to hurdle that box!

Strength/Skill Work: Back squat


800m run

21 Overhead Squats (Use 70% of your 5RM not to exceed 95/65lbs)

21 box jumps (24″/20″)

400m run

15 overhead squats

15 box jumps

200m run

9 overhead squats

9 box jumps

For time.

6 thoughts on “100330 Tuesday “Atlantis”

  1. J$

    Shanna and Katie – Did you see the latest video of the NC/SC sectionals on the main page today? You guys look great!!

  2. John duncan

    11:46. I used a 45 lb ohs, and a rxd box. I used a light ohs to work on the mechanics of my ohs in a wod, and to focus on my sprinting so that i kept a sub 7 min mile pace.

  3. Dawn

    Tom, didn’t you ask for this? I remember something about you looking forward to a WOD with 800m run and OHS. Hope you got to partake.

  4. Dale

    you know what is amazing about this WOD?
    We did it almost 6 months ago and Shanna didn’t post the results that day either.

  5. Shanna

    Just for you Dale…oh and while I do not have the results from when we did it back on Sept 8th I do have paper results from the first time we did it on April 24th. Some results from that day compared to those that also did it yesterday:
    Dale 11:46 with 44lbs bar (over two minute faster with 30 more lbs!)
    MCK 14:10 with “lightest bar” (nearly 90 seconds faster)
    KK 12:20 with 45lbs (~1 minute faster)
    Shanna 10:13 with 65lbs (~75 seconds faster)
    Sean 11:30 with 45lbs (now faster with 50lbs more)

    J$ also had over two minutes off since she did it in September!

    Name Time OHS Box Hght Back squat
    Dawn 11:22 35lbs 14″ 5x5x85lbs
    Dale 9:43 75lbs 20″ 5x179lbs
    MCK 12:44 28lbs 20″ 5x5x80lbs
    KK 11:20 35lbs 20″ 5x5x95lbs
    Sean 11:26 88lbs 24″ 1x305lbs
    Ed 11:24 45lbs 20″ 5x179lbs
    Katie 11:58 60lbs 20″ work sets
    Shanna 8:54 65lbs 20″ 1x120lbs OHS
    J$ 14:31 45lbs 20″ 5x4x140lbs Improved by 2:12!!
    Daniel 11:40 45lbs 20″ 1x265lbs! PR!


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