100607 Monday

Sean and Daniel hitting thrusters together in the early days.

Strength/Skill Work: Thruster


3 Rounds of:

20 kettlebell swings (53/35lbs)

10 sumo deadlift high pulls (95/65lbs)

20 box jumps

For time.

25 thoughts on “100607 Monday

  1. Kim S

    Awesome WOD even though we had crappy music ala Dan. (I know I’m going to catch grief but old 80’s music doesn’t kick it up for me) It’s good to have Shanna and Corey back!!!!!

  2. J$

    Good music is important. And most of the music from the 80’s…not good WOD music. I’m so excited to have our coaches back!

  3. tara

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel like their legs are made of wood after Saturday’s walking lunge glute fest? Thrusters sound excruciating.

  4. Dawn

    In defense of Dan…at least it wasn’t Marvin Gaye like Tony brought in.. . . And it was different. . .and you could understand the words.
    It is great to have Shanna and Corey back looking rested and fresh! I’ve heard honeymoons are good for you.

  5. T-Bone

    I heard the end of the music at 5:00 am. My iPod is much better. Daniel, I know this was back in the day, but every time I look at this photo, I hear Shanna’s voice yelling “ELBOWS UP!” Haha.

  6. Daniel Smith

    That was probably my 5th or 6th time doing Crossfit and Shanna busted out a WOD that was nothing but 100 thrusters LOL

  7. T-Bone

    HAHAHAHA! And, yet, you still came back to WOD again, Daniel! 100 thrusters. Of course. I can’t think of anything that I’d rather do with my time…except perhaps that WOD of 100 thrusters plus 100 pushups.

  8. miriam

    Poor Fertel. I really feel I must defend him. He was so excited to bring us his ipod. How can you not love the music of a person who has that much enthusiasm for his ipod collection? When Corey cranked up those 80’s tunes to an unbearable decible, it worked for me. And it wasn’t David’s sea shanty collection, ha ha ha!

    So, what’s *your* favorite music for a WOD? I think someone (T, ahem?) should create a “best of CFA-ers” collection for us all to use at the gym.

  9. Allison

    Ah, the music dilemma! I’ve heard that one of the greatest headaches for coaches is finding music to keep everyone happy. Personally, I don’t usually notice it over my own labored breathing during a WOD. I do, however, have a bizarre memory of doing a WOD and hearing strains of “Itsy Bitsy Spider” coming from upstairs. Wierd. I think our music should match our workouts – constantly varied. Bring on the playlists!

  10. Daniel Smith

    This was more than bar weight thrusters though. This WOD was something like 10 thrusters @ 80% of a 1 rep max, 20 thrusters @ 70%, 30 @ 60%, and finish with 40 @ 50%.

    I almost asked for my money back after this one hahaha.

  11. Shanna Post author

    Name Time SHDP/Box/KB Thruster
    Kat 906 55/24″/30lbs 5x79lbs
    Kim S. 941 38/20/25 4x58lbs PR!
    Ed 856 65/24/35 3x115lbs
    Maggie 914 Rxd 65/24/35 1x85lbs
    Dan F. 929 89/24/53 WS
    Rustan 715 Rxd 95/24/53 1x165lbs
    Anne G. 627 65/20/35 5x100lbs
    Tom 758 Rxd 95/24/53 5x95lbs
    Britt 824 57/20/30 1x87lbs PR!
    Carly 828 65/20/35 WS 5x5x75lbs
    K. Stew 704 55/20/30 5x55lbs
    Eva 739 55/16/35 5×75,1x85lbs
    Heather 928 38/16/18 5x45lbs
    Jana 818 38/20/26 5x58lbs
    Seth 925 65/20/26 3x105lbs
    Mike N. 835 Rxd 95/24/53 3x165lbs
    Lindrum 1035 65/24/35 3x85lbs
    Tony 944 75/20/35 3x75lbs
    David H. 1100 95/20/73! 1x185lbs
    MCK 835 55PwrCln/16/30 3x5x55lbs
    KK 627 65/16/35 8x5x65lbs
    AF 903 38/20/18
    Allison 812 38/20/26 5x43lbs
    Salin 908 38/19/24.6
    Tina 756 43/20/26 5x63lbs
    Tim 1101 75/20/35-26 5x90lbs
    Phil L. 807 80/24/45 3x120lbs
    Amy H. 847 38/20/18 5x48lbs
    Ali 824 38/20/26 5x48lbs
    Jen S. 906 38/20/25 1x68lbs PR!
    Kim H. 852 48/20/26 5x64lbs
    Kelly 820 55/20/26 3x75lbs
    Tayler 750 65/24/25 2x100lbs
    John 758 95/20/45 3x15x95lbs
    Brian T 1006 Rxd 95/24/53 WS @80% 1st Rxd WOD!
    Brian C. 930 85/24/53 5x125lbs
    Jen L. 951 Rxd 65/24/35 3x95lbs
    Anthony 1140 Rxd 95/24/53 5x125lbs
    JP 1127 Rxd 95/24/53 5x145lbs
    Mike H. 739 Rxd 95/24/53 5x115lbs
    Dean 1011 38/20/25 10x72lbs
    Elin 747 65/20/35 1x130lbs PR!?
    Shannon 540 75/24/45 5x95lbs
    M3 958 Rxd 98/24/53 5x165lbs
    Holly 647 38/12/15
    e Hake 1148 Rxd 65/24/35

  12. Shanna Post author

    I am always thankful for new music in the gym. Thanks for sharing Dan. You can bring your tunes back anytime I’m around!

  13. T-Bone

    I’m going to volunteer Betsy Fedder to create a new playlist (you’re welcome, Betsy). My music tends to have too much profanity, and my PG playlists are getting old. Betsy’s last CD rocked.

  14. miriam

    I love it! A CFA playlist project in the works! If anyone can do it, Betsy F can. (So what was on your last CD, Betsy? I’m very curious. I am always looking for good, rockin music.)

    Mamma Shanna, you always know how to say the right things. And that is why you must be our coach forever and ever and ever.

  15. Betsy Fedder

    Wow. No pressure or anything, right? You can all just publicly complain about my music choices on the boards if you don’t like them. I guess Milli Vanilli is out? I’m on it.

  16. T-Bone

    Milli Vanilli is perfectly acceptable to play during “calisthenics.” Not when we are lifting heavy things and not during a WOD.

  17. Big E

    Yes Shanna… I see the question mark..1×130 was a PR for me on Thrusters.. not saying it was the fish though so shut up, Corey. ; ) haha.


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