100608 Tuesday “Duped”

Mike House was correct. Turns out we were duped about the liquid mountaineering. Read about the trick here.

Strength/Skill Work: Max pull-ups in 30 seconds at the top of every 3 minutes. Complete 4 total set. Report total pull-ups to comments.

Partner WOD

In a group of two complete 2 rounds of the following:

20 man makers (30lbs, 20lbs)

40 burpees

60 double unders (180 singles)

For time.

When one partner is working the other partner is resting they must hold a plate overhead. If the plate is lowered down from overhead then the partner performing the reps towards completion of the work out must rest. (M-25lbs plate, W-15lbs plate)

4 thoughts on “100608 Tuesday “Duped”

  1. Daniel Smith

    I should call my dad and tell him this was fake. He’d be pretty happy after he gets done saying “I told you so”.

  2. Dale

    I watched the making-of the video at HiTec’s website. Turns out they used a moving dock submerged inches below the surface. Although, they did say since the videos release there are claims of a 5 step water run from fans who have tried.

    I am not giving up the dream. The new goal is 6 steps!!!

  3. Shanna Post author

    Name Time Pullups
    TK/Eva 1708 44/59 (red purple bands for both)
    Matt/Kat 1746 Matt-35 no band
    Mike/KK 1253 59/37 no bands
    Kim/Kimberly 1516 34(blue)/36(red)
    Tina/Katie/Phoebe 20:30 added 1/3 to each exercise Tina-45 pullups (blue+purple)
    Jules/Jen 1504
    Corey/Brooke/Liz/Brian 11:40
    Mike H./Amy/Owen 11:58
    Sean/Dean/Tara 13:49


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