100609 Wednesday “Sandbag Relay”

Strength/Skill Work: Single support deadlift


Two mile (3200m) sandbag relay

Coaches will assign teams in class. Individuals may break up the legs as they wish with the options of 100m, 200m or 400m intervals.

This was a TON of fun when we did it last time. Can’t wait to watch all of you get after it again!

12 thoughts on “100609 Wednesday “Sandbag Relay”

  1. miriam

    “Individuals may break up the legs as they wish…” Hmmm, I saw some ‘broken legs’ out there, if you catch my drift. Fertel, thank you for singing opera for us this morning during the WOD.

  2. Shanna Post author

    Names Time Single support deadlift
    Ben/Kim 1447
    Angela/Dan 1220
    RS/Jess 1329
    Britt/Carly 1358
    Seth/Jana/Dawn 1631
    Rustan/Heather/Christina 1543
    Kimberly/JenL/Mark 1550
    Robert/Micah/MCK 1459 Robert 5x165lbs
    Kim/Tim 15:57
    Shaye/Mike 1720
    Katie/Red 1819
    Jamie/Kim/Tayler 1435 Tayler 5x92lbs
    Julie/John/Amy 1402 John 5x135lbs, Amy 5x58lbs
    Dan/Josh/Brian C. 12:12
    Anthony/Jess/Jamie 12:06 Ant 5x65lbs
    Anne/Amanda/Hans 1157 Anne 5×105 (L) 4×105 (R)
    Corey/Brooke/Liz/Brian 11:40

  3. Tonya


    I don’t understand how to do this workout. How heavy are the sandbags and are we handing the sandbags off to each other, running one at a time? Brad and I are envisioning this WOD very differently. The times are really fast for two miles with sandbags. Will you please explain?

  4. J$

    I’ve done this one before and will tell you what I remember if that is OK. You are handing the sandbag off to each other, running one at a time, taking turns to run the 2 miles. It looks like they are making teams of 2-3 people but I think in the past we have used teams of 4. As a team you get to decide, what intervals you want to do. You could run anything from 32 100m runs to 8 400m runs, or any combo, as long as it equates to 2 miles in the end. I hope this helps. This WOD was a lot of fun.

  5. Shanna Post author

    Great instructions J$!

    Tonya, the sandbags weight 25#. Essentially the point is to do sandbag sprints of various distances (your choosing) with minimal recovery before you go again. The fastest time of the day was a pair that simply took turns running 100m sprints. You can maintain a faster pace at shorter distances even with less rest for some.

    Relays are always fun!

    Miriam, I love you just memorize random things that I say to post on the comment board. haha

  6. Tonya

    Thanks Shanna, we are putting our weight vests into bags the size of your sandbags, it won’t be the same as sand, but we can throw them over our shoulders and run with them. Of course your original instructions make complete since now, haha.

  7. Tonya

    I’m sure this WOD is fun with a class… Shanna coaching would make it better too. Brad/Tonya 21:45, 25 lb weight vest (in a bag) on a road similar to CFA’s with similar hills. We broke it up into 200m. Brad consistently ran 1 min. 200m and I ran consistent 1:30min. 200m. It felt like I was sprinting :)

  8. Shanna Post author

    Great job to Tonya and Brad getting after it on their own…not an easy thing to do with just your spouse. Great work! :)


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