100611 Friday “Manson”

Strength/Skill Work: Hang Power Snatch




Hang power clean


Front squat


For time. There is a 15 minute cap on this work-out.

Use the same bar for the entire workout. 50-60% of your push-press 3RM not to exceed 95/65lbs.

**Remember today is Project Red Shirt Friday!**

7 thoughts on “100611 Friday “Manson”

  1. miriam

    A great workout, really fun. Enjoy the humidity in the gym–already a sweatlodge at 5 a.m. Oh, and enjoy the cockroaches. Fertel displayed his manhood by crushing one with his bare hands.

  2. elizabeth

    so bummed i am gallery today and don’t get to come in but i realized i could do this tonight at home! would rather be at the gym with my buds though

  3. Shanna

    Name Time Wght HPS
    Kat 812 53lbs 53lbs
    Miriam 652 33lbs 48lbs
    Kim S. 644 28lbs 28lbs
    Ben 904 48lbs 48lbs
    Dan F. 854 75lbs 95lbsx1
    Maggie 904 Rxd 65lbs 75lbsx3
    Carly 849 Rxd 65lbs
    Rustan 845 Rxd 95lbs 3x5x119lbs
    Tom 453 95lbs 3x5x109lbs (no push presses 45 frnt sqts)
    Amanda 918 48lbs 5x48lbs
    Seth 742 55lbs 1x95lbs
    Mark 617 65lbs 5x95lbs
    Lisa 548 33lbs 3x48lbs
    Kimberly 658 55lbs 5x65lbs
    Robert 837 Rxd 95lbs 5x95lbs, July ’09 65lbs in 12:10!
    Heather 940 33lbs 5x53lbs
    Jen L. 944 Rxd 65lbs 1x80lbs
    KK 537 75lbs 5x85lbs July ’09 6:58!
    Kelly 801 42lbs 3x47lbs
    Tina 730 38lbs 3x48lbs
    Amy H. 933 38lbs 5x38lbs
    Tim 815 55lbs 5x75lbs
    K.Rice 814 38lbs 5x42lbs
    Allison 915 38lbs (21# FS) 5x33lbs
    Beth 806 38lbs 3x43lbs
    Dale 722 Rxd 95lbs Previous 14 minutes w/88lbs
    J$ 811 Rxd 65lbs 5x75lbs
    Kim H. 823 38lbs 4x47lbs
    Daniel T. 640 Rxd! 95lbs 5x125lbs
    Mike H. 613 Rxd 95lbs 5x90lbs
    Corey 412 Rxd 98lbs

  4. rustan

    Went to the Dripolator after the wod and as i was standing in line to get my fix, overheard two guys behind me saying something like “Looks like it’s a pair of couplets: deadlifts and hpc’s, front squats and push presses” That sounded very familiar. Turns out they were missionaries (Vaughn and Kevin) checking the wod. They had worked out at our gym before and have also visited numerous x-fit affiliates throughout the southeast. They made a point to say that CrossFit Asheville really stands out in terms of quality of coaching and community. I couldn’t agree more and feel grateful every week for Shanna and Corey and the rest of the gang who have created such an amazing place to get healthy and strong. Ditto Hjudge!

  5. Matt Baldwin

    I too have met Vaughn and Kevin at the Dripolator and can testify (if I can say that about missionaries) that they are cool guys. They are friends with Buck Wild. Funny how small Asheville is, and also funny how darn cool CrossFit Asheville is. You guys are really the best. I am getting fat and strong on the west coast. I miss you.


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