100612 Saturday


8 Rounds of:

12 kettlebell swings (2/1.5 pood)

12 box jumps (24″/20″)

200m run

1 minute rest between rounds.

Subtract 7 minutes from your overall time and post to comments.

Cash Out Plank holds: front plank for 1 minute, 15 sec rest, side plank for 30 sec, 15 sec rest, side plank for 30 seconds

11 thoughts on “100612 Saturday

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name Time KB/Box
    Shannon 13:27 53/24
    Brian C. 15:32 53/24
    AF 17:08 18/14
    Aidan 22:29 30/20
    Beth 19:10 26/20
    Jamie H. 15:03 35/24
    Ed 17:15 44/24
    Salin 18:25 25/20
    TBone 13:55 26/20 Russian Swings
    Mike H. 19:48 72/24
    Brian 18:33 53/24
    Matt 18:00 45/24
    J$ 19:58 25/20
    David 21:36 2 pood/22 4x250m row, 4x200m run
    Corey 1538 Rxd 2pood/24
    Kim S 1518 35/20

  2. Corey

    Why we keep a log: I attempted a new 1RM in the Snatch today and got a 2# increase. I was rather disappointed as I projected my increase to be in the 10-15 pound range based on how I was feeling in other snatch workouts. Looking back through my log it was my fifth day in a row without a rest day and my ninth workout in those five days. After acknowledging the taxing nature of that many days in a row on a system with relatively little sleep, I became rather excited about the PR. Make sure we’re always acknowledging the effect of previous training sessions.

  3. J$

    Corey- How do you do 9 workouts in 5 days and not realise that till you look at your log? Get some sleep man.

  4. T-Bone

    Shannon, I have to give you props, dude. You smoked that thing. And, even though House tried to give me crap for my Russian swings with the 26 lb KB, I will still acknowledge his awesomeness for doing that WOD with the freaking 72 lb KB. Because I’m nice like that, Mike.

  5. Tom

    Looks like I missed a good one. Damn love for golf. Guess I need to golf on sundays. Even the big boy kb would be ok.

  6. Aidan

    Nothing could have prepared me for this morning’s WOD — least of all a week out of town! Crazy hard. Does running *ever* get easier?

  7. T-Bone

    Aidan, I have to agree with Corey on this one. You get faster, and it hurts even more…but then it’s over more quickly!


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