100614 Monday “Grace”

Strength/Skill: Push jerk


30 reps

Power clean and jerk

for time.

Use 70% of max push jerk and push press and 80% of a 5RM.

Last completed 100326.

13 thoughts on “100614 Monday “Grace”

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name Time Wght Push Jerk
    Dawn 243 65lbs 5x77lbs
    Kim S. 341 38lbs 5x48lbs
    Maggie 408 70lbs 3x99lbs
    Miriam 458 52lbs 5x67lbsPR!
    Britt 448 70lbs 3x90lbs
    Aidan 439 53lbs 5x73lbs PR!
    Carly 428 75lbs 1x115lbs
    Amanda 436 65lbs 5x5x60lbs
    Rustan 615 Rxd 135lbs 1x184lbs
    Seth 322 65lbs 5x85lbs
    Tony 430 65lbs 5x60lbs
    Dan F. 559 95lbs 1x135lbs
    Becca 401 55lbs 5x70lbs
    Christina 441 65lbs 3x89lbs
    Mark B. 308 85lbs 5x95lbs
    KK 411 115lbs 5x135lbs
    PB 411 48lbs 5x63lbs
    Robert F. 442 115lbs 1x155lbs
    Micah 516 65lbs 5x79lbs PR!
    Jen L. 330 65lbs 1x95lbs
    Kat 326 70lbs 5x85lbs
    Tina 348 53lbs 3x68lbs
    Tim 533 89lbs 3x119lbs
    Phil L. 541 100lbs 3x138lbs
    Amy H. 625 55lbs 3x70lbs
    Kim H. 313 38lbs 5x55lbs
    Jen S. 406 38lbs 1x67lbs
    Jamie C. 441 80lbs 3x109lbs
    Ali 436 52lbs 1x72lbs PR!
    Brian C. 513 125lbs 3x165lbs
    Lindrum 615 75lbs 3x115lbs
    J-Peazy 417 Rxd 135lbs
    John 504 Rxd 135lbs 3x155lbs
    Hans 335 60lbs 5x70lbs
    Brian T. 403 90lbs WS@90lbs
    Jess T. 307 38lbs 5x53lbs
    Beth 236 38lbs 5x53lbs
    Tayler 448 65lbs 3x90lbs
    Anne 419 Rxd 95lbs 3x115lbs (4 sec faster w/30 more!)
    Anthony 515 115lbs 5x135lbs
    Brooke S. 359 80lbs 5x3x90lbs
    M3 243 Rxd 135lbs 5x200lbs (new gym record w/Grace!)
    R.S. 302 105lbs 5x125lbs
    Dean 2:42 55lbs 5x65lbs
    Elin 426 Rxd 95lbs 5x115lbs
    Shannon 413 99lbs 5x119lbs
    J$ 653 Rxd 95lbs 1x115lbs (1st time Rxd!)

  2. T-Bone

    Congrats on that Rx’d Grace, Rustan!

    And, here’s to Betsy Fedder, who came through with a fabulous new playlist. I knew you had it in you, woman!

  3. Tara

    I think I finally have a gym nick name. Big T. haha, what do y’all think?? Corey pointed out tonight I have to move beyond little t.

  4. M3

    FWIW, i don’t think I could ever call you ‘Big T’ 🙂
    though I don’t disagree at all about moving on…leaps and bounds, girl!

    Everyone was kicking ass tonight…the vibe was in the air.

    I’ll say it again: No one does this stuff alone.

  5. Britt

    I like your quote M3, whoever you are, we have never met……. 🙂 no one does this stuff alone! ANYtime I push harder, it’s because Shanna is encouraging me!!! As well as my awesome 6am teammates! I’ll say it again, NO ONE does this stuff alone!!! A thousand thanks Shanna 😉

  6. M3

    looking over the list, there are a lot of ‘PR’s’ and ‘Rx’d’
    might this be a ‘max’ day for 1st’s across the gym?
    that would be a cool statistic to track would it not?
    the ‘vibe’ was def in the air today…possibly disguised as oppressive heat and humidity. 🙂

  7. Corey

    Great job today everyone. M3 now has the gym record for Grace at 2:43. An impressive 15 seconds ahead of me. However, might I say, I see myself regaining the record?

    I’m not doing any workouts I might enjoy for a little while though so I won’t regain it for a bit. Enjoy your title Melton… very strong work.


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