100630 Friday “Atlantis”

Strength/Skill Work Kettlebell swings: Alternate single bell American swings with double bell Russian swings. Complete 4 sets of each completing 8-20 swings per set.


800m run

21 Overhead Squats (Use 70% of your 5RM not to exceed 95/65lbs)

21 box jumps (24″/20″)

400m run

15 overhead squats

15 box jumps

200m run

9 overhead squats

9 box jumps

For time.

Reminder that today is Project Red Shirt Friday!

18 thoughts on “100630 Friday “Atlantis”

  1. miriam

    Every Friday, we ponder this question as CFA-ers walk through the doors with various excuses for not wearing red. So, what counts as “participating” in Project Red Shirt other than actually wearing a red shirt? After conferring with several “experts in the field”…er, garage, the official CFA line on this seems o be that you are participating if:
    1. You smell all of your sweaty, unwashed red shirts and decide they stink too much to wear one. But you must sniff each and every one and report that fact to the entire class.
    2. You wash a white shirt with your bleeding red shirts and wear the resulting greyish pinkish shirt…with pride.

    It does NOT count if you wear a white shirt with the red lettering: Don’t Mess With Texas.

  2. Shanna

    To all of my beloved CFA clients,

    When you perform walking lunges we do in fact ask you to touch your knee to the ground in order to complete the full range of motion for a walking lunge. However, the instructions for ALL the movements we do at CFA are to do the movements IN CONTROL. To have control of your own body during lunges would mean “kissing” the ground with your knee and I do not mean an awkward teenager kiss that involves your knee eating the ground. You all were offered to scale the workout and if you bruised your knee(s) on Wednesday please take more consideration for scaling next time! Please pay attention to not bouncing in the bottom of squats or slamming your knees into the ground during lunges. Not only will you reduce your level of soreness, but you will also reduce the amount of knee bruising!
    Best, Coach “Mama Shanna” haha

  3. miriam

    Apparently my knees went way past first base with the floor. They have hickeys all over them. Slutty knees. I will give them “the talk.”

  4. T-Bone

    Shanna, I’m glad you’ve finally accepted the “Mama Shanna” title.

    Greyish, pinkish shirt send a very positive message…I did not have any other clothes that smelled remotely appropriate to go anywhere, even to a stinky gym, but I am so hardcore that it doesn’t bother me to wear this one.

  5. aidan

    This workout probably would have made me cry … in a “good” way — I miss you guys! I’m trying to keep up with some WOD-type workouts. I did 4 rounds of ring pullups, knees-to-elbows, dips on parallette bars, and squats with a backpack full of heavy rocks a couple of days ago. Today I’m doing pushups, ring rows, L-sit, and step-ups with weighted backpack on a rock wall. Interspersed with lots of hiking, swimming, a little yoga and some random sprint intervals. I hope I can still keep up when we get back!

  6. tara

    @ Miriam, on my recent vacation I brought home 2 freshly made “white washed with red” shirts. This is what happens when you dump all of your laundry from a hefty bag into the washing machine for time. Good to know I can at least still wear them to the gym, as one was a favorite “freebie” gym shirt from a charity walk.

    @ Shanna, you are hilarious.

  7. Corey

    Sarah B/12:34/32/16″
    Dan F/14:45/22/24″
    K Stew/11:06/32/20″
    Phil L/12:20/45/24″
    Lisa Z/15:14/20/16″
    Amy H/15:15/18/20″
    Tim U/14:16/35/20″
    Brooke D/15:10/35/20″


  8. Kim S

    @Dan, please let me know when you’ll be wearing red body paint…sounds like a true paleo/tribal workout. I can get some of the Prichard Park drummers to come play for the WOD that day. We should make a video for CFA that day too.

  9. Tom

    Sean, Chad, Corey,

    That is one high box. Jeez. Won’t be long before jumping over me is part of a wod. See y’all Monday.

  10. miriam

    @Tom, Corey has already already used a small living child as his unsuspecting prey to jump over. Clearly you are fair game. He won’t jump over me b/c I’ll charge him $7,000 for messing up my dental bridgework.

    @Tara, we decided that putting whites with colors in the laundry is something Paleo man would have done and apparently still does, so it counts as red. So will smearing red body paint all over yourself as Fertel plans to do next Friday. Fertel, make sure you carve the letters “CFA” out on your chest.

  11. Corey

    @Tom: You’re right there with us.

    @Miriam: I’ll plan for some hang-time and brush your teeth on the way by


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