100707 Wednesday “Helen”

Strength/Skill Work: Shoulder Press: Work towards a new 5 rep max


3 rounds for time of:

400m run

21 kettlebell swings

12 pull-ups

This workout was last completed on 100510.

14 thoughts on “100707 Wednesday “Helen”

  1. Red Foot

    Hey all! I’m gonna take a rest day today because I want to go spend the day in the woods! See you all tomorrow!

  2. Kim S

    I felt totally fatigued this morning. Legs were heavy and shoulders spent which resulted in a slower Helen time than 2 months ago. UGH!!!!

  3. Hjudge

    I would like to leave work right now and go back to try, one more time, on my shoulder press max…

  4. Dale


    I have a long period of leaving the gym with that feeling. I always felt like I could lift more but ran out of time.
    My advice, talk with a coach about how to build up to lifting at your max attempt. There is a method to use in deciding what weight to lift in your warm up and what weight to attempt for a new max effort.
    its easier to explain in person using a current lift effort in class.

    Go get it next time!

  5. miriam


    “I did Helen this morning, and I am soooo wasted.”

  6. Shanna Post author

    Name/Time/KB/Bands/Shoulder press Notes of improvements!
    Ben 1227/26/red/95lbs
    Aaron 1320/35/green-red/95lbs
    Kim S. 1145/26/blue-purple/5x47lbs PR!
    Dan F 1130/Rxd-53lbs 5x105lbs PR! 27 seconds faster
    Miriam 1215/20lbs/red/4x70lbs(dirty?) 3 minutes faster!!!
    Maggie 1144/Rxd-35lbs
    Ali 1250/26lbs/blue-purple 4x48lbs, 1x53lbs PR
    Rustan 907/Rxd-53lbs 1x130lbs GYM RECORD!
    Tom 941/Rxd-53lbs
    Aidan 1330/26lbs/blue 3x48lbs
    R.S. 1115/44lbs 5x130lbs PR!
    Jana 1220/18lbs/grn-purple/5x53lbs PR! 2:16 improvement!!
    K.Stew 1202/30lbs/red last 9 red+purp/5x55lbs PR!
    Steven 1135/Rxd-53lbs/5x105lbs PR!
    Eva 1250/35lbsred/4x60lbs
    Becca 1105/Rxd-35lbs/3x70lbs
    Lisa 1220/18lbs/grey/5x43lbs
    Christina 1303/20lbs/blue-purp/5x57lbs
    Mark 1259/45lbs/none/5x90lbs
    AF 1209/18lbs/green/5x47lbs
    MCK 1407/30lbs/blue/3x55lbs
    Kelly 1348/26lbs/blue/5x55lbs
    Robert 1036/Rxd-53lbs/5x105lbs PR
    Heather 1503/18lbs/gray/5x52lbs
    Marin 1210/25lbs/purple/5x53lbs
    Katie 1130/Rxd-35lbs/5x60lbs
    Kimberly 1403/30lbs/purple-red/4x53lbs
    Tina 1335/26lbs/blue/5x53lbs
    Mike N. 1024/Rxd-53lbs/5x135lbs,3x155lbs
    Gary 1025/44lbs-none/5x110lbs
    Hans 1637/35lbs/red/5x95lbs
    Allison 1248/26lbs/grn/48lbs
    Kim H. 1219/18lbs/blue-purple/5x48lbs
    Jess T. 1327/18lbs/green/5x42lbs
    Ari 1258/18bs/grn-purple/5x58lbs
    Jen M. 1250/26lbs/blue/5x63lbs
    Jamie 953/400mrow/35lbs-15KBS,10 pullups, 5x95lbs PR
    John 1225/Rxd-53lbs/5x105lbs,3x115lbs
    Brian C. 1147/Rxd-53lbs/5x131lbs
    Lindrum 1218/21lbs/green/5x75lbs dumbbells
    Anthony 1326/45lbs/red/5x95lbs
    Beth 1210/26lbs/blue-red/200m run 5x52lbs
    Brian T. 1323/44lbs/none/ WS @ 100lbs
    Mike H. 11:10 Rxd-53lbs 5x115lbs

    Great job everyone! Hard to follow after FGB two days ago!

  7. miriam

    You da man, Rustan. Unbelievable.

    A correction: I think Maggie’s info got mixed up with mine. Mine was 1215/20 lbs/green/5×52, 3 mins faster than last time. Maggie’s was 1144/Rxd-35lbs/red/4×70lbs dirty. As much as I’d like to claim that I can lift 70 lbs and use the red band…I can’t yet.


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