100728 Wednesday

Strength/Skill Work Squat clean (could also simply be called “clean” as squat would be implied): work towards a 5 rep max


4 Rounds of:

100 ft walking lunge

25 burpees

For time.

8 thoughts on “100728 Wednesday

  1. J$

    Ahhh, I remember the days when 100 burpees was a WOD. Guess that just wasn’t hard enough, though I am pretty sure it nearly killed me.

  2. Shanna Post author

    Name Time/squat clean 5RM
    Maggie 1313 rxd
    Carly 1259 rxd 89lbs
    Phil 12:14 3x90x3
    Phil L. 1235 105
    Jana 948 50
    David 1418 145lbs (20 burpees)
    Eva 1452 85lbs
    Jen S. 1143 50lbs 50ft/20Brps
    Micah 1354 Rxd 55lbs
    Christina 1457 70lbs (100ft/25Brp-2Rnds/20Brp-2Rnds)
    Annie 1005 35lbs (75ft/12Brp)
    Red 946 120lbs (50ft/20Brp)
    Katie 1018 Rxd 95lbs
    Ke ly 1003 38lbs (50ft/15)
    MCK 1258 63lbs (100ft/20brp)
    Amber 956 Rxd 58lbs
    Kimberly 1341 63lbs (100ft/20brp)
    Robert 1026 140lbs Rxd+ 1 cookie
    Amy H. 1127 43lbs (100ft/20brp)
    Jamie C. 1042 125lbs (100ft/20brp)
    Allison 1410 43lbs (100ft/15brp)
    Kim H. 1025 48lbs (50ft/15brp)
    Brooke D. 1057 75lbs PR (100ft/20brp)
    Jess T. 1443 58lbs PR (100ft/20brp)
    Ari 1345 68lbs (100ft/20brp)
    Ali 1042 48lbs (50ft/15brp)
    Brian C. 1443 125 (100/25)
    Brian T. 1427 125 (100/25)
    Jamie H 1205 95 (100/25)
    Anthony 1520 153 (100/25)
    Hans 1620 85 (100/25)
    Mike H 718 65 (100/15ghd)
    Taye 811 115 (50/20)
    J$ 1001 95 (50/20)
    Elin 1022 115 (50/20)
    EHake 750 (50/20)

  3. Shanna

    ML-the cookie thing is that Robert showed up to watch the 8am class while sippin’ some coffee and munchin’ on a cookie…at 8am at CFA?!? So, I proceeded to ride him for the rest of class. Next time i think he’ll get extra burpees. haha At least he PR’d his s

  4. miriam

    If we show up dragging a freshly killed elk behind us do we get to do “negative burpees?” (I KNOW THEY EXIST, SHANNA. YOU HAVE THE MATHEMATICAL FORMULA IN YOUR HEAD.)

  5. dr. freckles

    wooohooo!! body weight WOD…9:58 all by my lonesome 🙁 ……unless you all did walking lunges with weight?

    thank you for saving me from coming up with my own WOD today! i did squat cleans with a water-cooler style jug today. they were a little, um, sloshy.


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