100731 Saturday “Fran”





For time.

10 minute time limit

Use no more than 70% of your 5 rep thruster max. Unless you can break 5 minutes and then you can go up in weight…next time Fran visits CFA!

Get your personality back and complete:

Thrusters 4×4

Begin with your Fran weight and work to add weight over the four sets. However, be sure to use a weight that you can complete 4 reps successfully and with good technique. Thus, if you are too fatigued to go up on the third and fourth set, DON’T. Rest no more than 90 seconds between sets.

Post Fran/Fran load/Thruster 4RM to comments.

3 thoughts on “100731 Saturday “Fran”

  1. Dale

    Name Wght/Bands Time 4×4 Max Set
    Brian C 85#/none 810 85#
    SK 35#/grey+blue 747 60#
    Katie B 42/22/grey 832 42#
    Seth 65#/green 647 75#
    Katie 65# RXd 730 75
    Heather 35#/grey 746 50#
    Jana 40/green+purp 737 60#
    Kimberly 42/blue 1000 67#
    K. Stew 42/red+purp 707 57#
    Mike H 20/none 528 35#
    Jamie H 40/none 559 80#
    Matt M 65/none 724 95#
    Rick 95# RXd 446 135#

  2. miriam

    Corey, In this picture, you look like a sabre toothed tiger pouncing on an unsuspecting mother and baby wildebeast.


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