100802 Monday “Sandpiper”

Strength/Skill Work Pistol box jump 5 per side


AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

21 Kettlebell swings (53/35lbs)

100m sandbag sprint (50lbs/25lbs)

2 thoughts on “100802 Monday “Sandpiper”

  1. Shanna Post author

    Ed 6+100m+18 50/35lbs
    AP 7 50/35
    Maggie 7 25/35
    Betsy 7 25/30
    Brooke D. 7.5 25/18
    Angela 7+100m 25/20
    Tom 7 50/35lbs
    Phil 5+100m+8 50/30lbs
    Heather 6+100m+10 25/18lbs
    Stacey 6+100m+14 25/18lbs
    Eva 6+100+7 25/35lbs
    Becca 7+10m 25/35lbs
    Phil L. 8+50m 50/35lbs
    Jen S. 6 25/20lbs
    Matt S. 8 50/35lbs
    Mark 7 25lbs/air sqts
    Kimberly 6+25m 25/35lbs
    Hans 6 50/35lbs
    Jamie H. 8+100+1 50lbs/35lbs
    Christina 6+100m+6 25/26lbs
    KK 7+35m 50/35lbs
    Katie 7+100m+16 50/35lbs
    R.S. 7+ 50/35lbs
    John 5+100m+7 50/53lbs Rxd
    Taye 6+100m+11 25/25lbs
    Mike H. 7 25/26lbs
    Jen L. 6+100m+9 25/26lbs
    Jamie C. 6+100m+19 50/35lbs
    Allison 6+100m+15 25/25lbs
    Kelly 7+45m 15KB/25SB
    MCK 6+100m+11 25/30lbs
    Mike 5+100m+11 50/62
    Dan 5+100m+14 50/52lbs
    Jules 6 25/26lbs
    Amy H. 6+35m 25/25lbs
    Mado 6+100m+6 25lbs/18lbs
    Sean 6+100m+3 50/53lbs
    J$ 7+35m 25/30lbs
    Red 6+50m 50lbs/25 air sqts
    Ari 5+100m+12 50lbs/35lbs
    Brian T. 6+100m 50/44lbs
    Carly 5+100m+9 25/35lbs
    Joshua 6 50/35lbs
    Daniel T. 5+100m+3 50lbs/53lbs
    Anthony 5+100m+12 50/45lbs

  2. Tom

    Just to clarify my numbers, I did it Rx’d with the 53 lb KB. You betcha I want credit for all those swings.


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