100812 Thursday

Strength/Skill Box jumps: 5-5-5-5-5 Work to increase height each set while still jumping in control/LAND SOFT!


Complete 3 rounds of:

1 minute max reps at each station

wall ball

kettlebell swing



5 thoughts on “100812 Thursday

  1. Jana

    I forgot to write my stuff on the board this morning, but I was there. And I just would like to say (because I don’t often post here, though I visit the site regularly) that I grow more and more enamored with CFA every day. The community, the education, the improvement, the sheer (dare I say it?) joy I feel when I go to class is really quite overwhelming at times. Thank you so much to all of you (and especially to our coaches) who make CFA so much fun!

    In other words: Red Foot, I totally agree! 🙂

  2. miriam

    Can we have a WOD with the word “rest” in it tomorrow? It is listed along with the other exercises as though it were an equal partner. Maybe Shanna can program something like AMRAP rests in 20 minutes. With a chart of how many minutes of rest should be taken in between the rests?

  3. Randy


    I tried that WOD today and it got really boring so I filled some of the rest with 25 2pood KB swings and then it was just right. 🙂

  4. Shanna Post author

    Name TotalReps/WB Hght/KB# Box Jumpx5
    Dan F. 238/10’/53lbs
    Scott 211/10’/35lbs
    Allan 204/10’/26lbs
    Kimberly 188/8’/35lbs
    Robin 166/8’/18lbs
    Anna 179/8’/18lbs
    Ed 230/10’/45lbs
    Sarah 240/8’/25lbs
    KK 236/10’/45lbs
    Betsy 186/8’/18lbs
    Dawn 249/8’/30lbs
    Shalene 193/8’/30lbs
    Lisa 195/8’/18lbs
    Matt S. 224/10’/53lbs
    Sarah D. 218/8’/25lbs
    Diane 200/8’/15lbs
    Katie B. 194/8’/25lbs
    Becky K. 196/8’/18lbs
    Tom K. 212/10’/35lbs
    Kelley 227/8’/20lbs
    Kenan 199/10’/30lbs
    Lindsay 163/8’/15lbs
    SK 219/8’/25lbs/22″
    MCK 207/8’/26lbs/26″
    Kelly K. 187/8’/20lbs/26″
    Brian T. 186/10’/44lbs/40″
    Allison 211/8’/26lbs
    Amy 177/8’/30lbs
    Tina 210/8’/30lbs/34″
    Jules 209/8’/30lbs/34″
    Amber 214/8’/30lbs
    Stew 265/8’/35lbs/28″
    Red 185/10’/35lbs/46″
    Rice 199/8’/35lbs/29″
    J$ 207/10’/35lbs
    Lindrum 202/10’/20lbs/43″
    Miah 223/10’/25lbs/38″
    Taye 159/10’/35lbs/40″
    John 180/10’/62lbs/GHDs
    Marc 153/10’/26lbs/38″


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