100813 “Freaky Friday”

Taylor hits a 40" box jump!

Not to mention that was FIVE 40" box jumps in a row!

Strength/Skill Work Push-press: work towards a new 5RM


AMRAP in 13 minutes of:

Lucky #7 Ring push-ups

13 single arm dumbbell power snatch on right arm

13 single arm dumbbell power snatch on left arm

33 double unders OR 99 singles

Reminder: Today is Friday please wear something that resembles red (even if it’s bodypaint) for Project Red Shirt!

9 thoughts on “100813 “Freaky Friday”

  1. T-Bone

    I meant to respond to what Redfoot and Jana wrote yesterday, and then I never got around to it. So, hey guys, I agree with you! CrossFit Asheville rocks!

    Recently, on the Crossfit.com message boards, a gym owner asked if he should affiliate and become a “CrossFit” gym. He already incorporates a lot of CrossFit methodology into what he programs, but he wanted to know how important it was to have the name “CrossFit” on his gym.

    Lisbeth Darsh from CrossFit HQ (who is brilliant, btw), answered him and said, in part: “CrossFit can’t be calculated in cash outlay and returns. It can’t be analyzed, measured, and quantified like food on a scale. I totally get that you run a business and want to make a rational decision. I understand. But CrossFit is more than a business decision for our best affiliates; it’s a passion, a mission, a life. It’s wanting — needing — to put that ‘CrossFit’ on your shirts, to proclaim yourself as a CrossFitter, to really become part of the CrossFit community. It’s wanting to identify and give back to a community that has given you so much.”

    I know it’s not a shock that I love CrossFit and CrossFit Asheville. But, yesterday was one of those days that I was left wondering, “Do the owners and coaches at CrossFit Asheville REALLY know what they have created?” This community that we have…it is beyond amazing. I mean, I have stretched my little CrossFit universe beyond Asheville, and I have met some incredible people. But, on a daily basis, it is the community of CrossFit Asheville that inspires me and cheers for me and cries with me and even (***gasp***) laughs at me.

    So, I am proud to say that I am an athlete at CrossFit Asheville because our community HAS made this “a passion, a mission, a life,” and I am grateful for that.

  2. Shanna Post author

    Thanks for your kind words. You nearly made me tear up a little.

    Each and every one of YOU make this community so incredible. I receive compliments from traveling CrossFitters on a regular basis about how much they enjoy the athletes here. I couldn’t agree more.

  3. Britt

    Man. I was going to comment on the “wear something that resembles red (even if it’s body paint)”, but after I read the first two comments, my comment seems so futile….. soooo I’ll comment on the two comments 🙂 I agree! I love my Crossfit family. It definitely enriches my life in many, many ways! Thanks for everything!!!!!!

  4. T-Bone

    It’s okay, Britt. I was totally thinking, “Mama Shanna gave me permission to wear red bodypaint to the gym today. WHY DON’T I HAVE ANY RED BODYPAINT IN MY HOUSE?!”

  5. Tom

    Yeah, totally tbone. I come away feeling so fortunate for this community and my coaches. And Britt if you wanna come in sporting nothing but red body paint, I’m cool with it, Heh heh.

  6. MBob

    Outstanding, Taylor!!! Also feeling the love for CFA (and I ALWAYS cry, so I got you covered, Shanna). A passion, a mission, a life – new shirt motto, or should we just stencil it on with red body paint?

  7. Randy

    “Birds of a feather” is the phrase that comes to mind. People seek what they want to become. I wanted to be AWESOME so I sought out others that wanted to be awesome. By awesome I mean be the best me I could be. I feel truly blessed to be associated with such strong, selfless, energetic and openly loving souls.

    You are what makes CrossFit Asheville a community.

  8. Shanna Post author

    Name Rounds+Reps DB#/DUorS/Rings KorToes Push-pressx5
    Mark 4+12/20lbs/105lbs
    Lisa Z. 4+10/12lbs/60lbs
    Christina 4+3/15lbs/71lbs
    Micah 4+25/15lbs/S/K/70lbs
    Hans 4+20/20lbs/95lbs
    Heather 3+33/10lbs/S/62lbs PR
    Katie 5+24/25lbs/DU/T
    Kelly 4+20/10lbs/S/38lbs
    KK 4+34/20lbs/S/T
    Tim 3+20/20lbs/S/T/110lbs PR
    MCK 4+106/15lbs/S/K/75lbs PR
    Mike 3+27/45lbs/2-DU,1-S/T/175lbs
    Amber 4+33/20lbs/S/T/67lbs
    Amy 4+4/15lbs/S/T, 62lbs
    Kate 5+1/20/S/T
    Maggie 3+28DU/20lbs/D/T/90lbs
    Rice 3+6/15lbs/S/K/53lbs
    J$ 2+20/25lbs/D/T/110lbs
    Allison 4+7/15/12/S/N/58lbs PR
    Bill 4+10/30lbs/S/Y/115lbs
    Holly 4+36/12lbs/S/N/45lbs PR
    Ed 4+7+25lbs/S/Y/101lbs
    Rustan 4+36/35lbs/D/Y/140lbs PR
    Robert 4+3/35lbs/D/140lbs PR
    Tom 4+56/45lbs/DU/110lbs
    Eva 4+41/20lbs/S/Y-Knees/85lbs
    Stew 5+83/20lbs/S/Y/65lbs
    Matt S. 5/30lbs/S/Y/120lbs
    Diane 4+112/62lbs PR


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