100814 Saturday “Big Sister”

Future home of CFA!

Future home of CFA!


4 Rounds of:

21 Hang power snatch

400m run

For time.

Use ~60% of HPS 5RM not to exceed 95/65lbs.

4 thoughts on “100814 Saturday “Big Sister”

  1. Tenn. Brad

    Nice looking space, does the shopping cart in front of the second farthest door come with the place? If so are we going to start using it in WOD’s. I’m looking forward to the WOD we can call it “grocery getter” load 5 50/25lb sandbag into the cart followed by a 200m run pushing the cart then you unload the bags, 4 rounds for time. WOOHOO!

  2. Shanna Post author

    Name Time/Wght
    Ed 1525/65lbs
    Jamie H. 1511/55lbs
    Stew 1249 2@32/2@37lbs
    Betsy 1635/25lbs
    Katie 1324/42lbs
    Rustan 1620/75lbs
    JP 1824/65lbs
    Beth 1823/32lbs
    SK 1726/27lbs
    Mike H. 1213/45lbs
    Mike N. 1738 Rxd @95lbs
    Tom 1411/75lbs
    Corey 1320 Rxd @ 95lbs

  3. miriam

    Wow, look at all those garage doors. This is hard core cross fit, I can tell. Who is that vagrant doing a handstand out front? Our first WOD will be weaving in and out of traffic on Tunnel Road without getting smushed, right? With the shopping cart, of course?


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