100820 Friday

Strength/Skill Power snatch: Works towards a heavy set of 5 reps


3 rounds of:

400m run

21 kettlebell swings (53/35lbs)

12 burpees

For time.

Reminder: Today is Friday please wear a red tee for Project Red Shirt!

9 thoughts on “100820 Friday

  1. Kim S

    Great WOD today! I particularly appreciate the sweat shower I got from Frank doing his kettlebell swings next to me. We really are one big happy family.

  2. MBob

    ‘One big happy family’ love that!! Today was a big “There’s no pouting in CrossFit” day for me. Thanks to Daniel, Heather & Mark for being there for me – always!

  3. Shanna Post author

    Name Time/KB#/PwrSnatch#
    Kim S. 1228/30/28
    Sarah B. 1117/25/38
    Ed 1135/35/85
    Bill 1237/44/85
    Scott 1352/45/95
    Robert 1006/Rxd53
    Maggie 1058/Rxd35/65
    Britt 1143/30/55
    Carly 1201/25/70
    Tom 1013/Rxd53/105
    Matt B. 1245/Rxd53/110 PR
    Eva 1319/Rxd35/75
    Jana 1336/25/60 PR
    Phil 1209/30/55 PR
    Phil L. 924/45/105 PR
    Carolyn 1413/18/48
    Jen S. 1357/20/38 PR
    Matt S. 932/44/95
    Stew 1021/Rxd35/60
    Mark 1133/35/95
    Kimberly 1312/Rxd35/50
    Micah 1224/Rxd35/55
    Hans 1318/35/89
    Katie 939/Rxd35
    MCK 1329/30/52
    Kelly 1213/20/40
    KK 1310/45/105 PR
    Geoff 1324/26/65
    Amber 1140/Rxd35/48
    Katie B. 1438/35-1,26-2/48
    Tim 1423/35/80 PR
    Mado 1319/26/53
    Jules 1334/30/57
    Ari 1346/35/52
    Amy 1411/30/47 10lbs PR!
    Brian T. 1220/44/100 PR
    Steven 1225/Rxd53/105
    Brian C. 1225/Rxd53/105
    J$ 1427/Rxd35/75
    Rice 1112/25/45
    Sarah 1232/30/50 row 400m

    Great work today everyone! We’ll keep you updated on results from the Garage Games Survival of the Fittest tomorrow!

  4. hjudge

    Heather 1536/18/42 PR
    MBOB (is that your gym name?!) mutually beneficial. love you big.

    Micah! Thanks for the shout out as I was leaving. Today I felt like a slug during the WOD, and was this close to pouting about it. you made a difference.

    Running the track tomorrow, Shanna!! In honor of you killing it at the games. Get pictures!


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