100821 Saturday “DT”


Five rounds for time of:
12 Deadlift

9 Hang power clean

6 Push jerk

Use ~80% of your 5 rep max for push jerk or push press.

9 thoughts on “100821 Saturday “DT”

  1. Mr K

    Shanna and Corey-

    Good luck at the Garage Games. Keep us posted! Also. do not look at the main site WOD for today. I do not want you getting any ideas. It sounds brutal.

  2. David H

    Times for today’s WOD will be posted in the am, due to me not taking a computer to the gym today. Sorry. You all did great, tremendous effort expended.

  3. amy h

    thanks 9 am for all of your support today. i have never felt more like quitting! i was feeling bad that it took me so long, but then i saw sean giving it all he had to do it as rx’d. i guess being last (or near last) is not so bad when you are giving it ever fiber of your being to finish.

  4. Tina

    Way to go, Amy! I would much rather be in your shoes than be worried that I didn’t use enough weight (my shoes). Proud of you, honey.

  5. Corey

    Tina and Amy:

    It is good to be in both shoes. Sometimes, life is a little tougher than you expect, and sometimes a little easier. Go with both and never doubt your abilities… you’re both very strong women.

    Thank you to everyone for the support from a distance. We did not publicize and encourage this event because we were unsure of the programming and organization. However, having been to two events hosted by The Garage (Woodstock, GA), I am more than willing to endorse and encourage any of you to attend. They are good people and are continually getting better and better at organizing an event like that. I believe their next one is in November, a Couples Challenge.

  6. Steve and Sara

    Came in from out of town and hit the 8:15 class. Everyone was awesome and Sara and I just wanted to say thanks for letting us take up some space and get in a workout! We will be back again sometime in the future so hope to see you all soon. Also if any of you are in Knoxville drop in and visit us. Thanks again!

    Steve & Sara
    CrossFit Knoxville

  7. Shanna Post author

    Name Time/Weight
    Marin 636/42lbs
    Kimberly 721/60lbs
    Ed 735/95
    Holly 655/30
    Joshua 645/75
    Aaron 910/75
    Stew 652/55
    Tina 722/48
    Shannon 1033/95
    SK 717/47
    Anthony 1023/105
    JessT. 1023/43
    Mike H. 735/115
    Amber 718/52
    Katie 839/75
    Dan F. 840/95
    Seth 824/65
    Red 823/75
    Amy 1122/52
    Jamie H. 855/52
    Sean 1552 Rxd 155
    Mike N. 1040/125


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