101028 Thursday

Congrats to Phil on his one year CrossFit anniversary!!!

Strength/Skill Work Split Jerk: Spend 15 minutes working up to a heavy set of 2


4 Rounds of:

5 Power cleans (~80% of your 3 or 5RM power clean not to exceed 155/105lbs)

15 box jumps (24/20″)

200m run

1 minute rest b/w rounds

Post your overall time minus 3 minutes to comments.

6 thoughts on “101028 Thursday

  1. Micah

    I think I forgot to put my results up on the board. Here’s what I can remember from this morning:
    Split Jerk@65 (with a failed attempt at 75)
    WOD: 8:11/65pc/20″box/200m row instead of run (probably shoulda been a longer row)

    Also, many thanks to Corey for humbling me (as usual) with his advice for what to do about my left leg. Hopefully sooner than later I will not feel like I have one stupid, drunk leg. Cheers to Corey!

  2. Shanna Post author

    Name Time (minus 3 minutes) wght/box/Splt Jerkx2
    Dan F. 714/125/24/WS@95
    Robin 932/55/20/55
    Ed 824/125/24/125×5
    Aidan 1038/60/20/65
    Scott 911/95/24/85
    Marin 917/60/20/70
    Shayne 923/75/20/95
    SK 902/80/20/95
    Joshua 902/95/24/95
    MenneM 915/105/24/95
    Diane 1310/35/16/67
    Daniel 807/135/24/205
    Sean 640/155/24/225×1
    Kenan 1010/65/24/105
    Lisa 854/38/20/38
    Allison 826/52/20/16/32
    Rice 856/58/20/68
    David H. 1007/115/20/205
    Franklin 1002/115/24/95
    Katie 616/80/20/105
    Mike 606/155/20(doh!)/155×5
    KK 802/125/20/160 PR
    MCK 906/58/12/75.5 PR
    Ruby 1028/42/12/42
    Amber 715/65/20/95×1
    Tina 857/65.5/20/75.5
    Steven 746/119/24/119
    Miah 859/65/20/96
    Sarah S. 1001/44/19/WS
    J. 744/155/24/155
    Sarah D. 856/65/20/75
    Ginna 753/52/20/67
    Holland 854/85/24/115
    JessT 1045/62/2067
    JP 825/155/20/215
    Corey 551/155/24
    A 728/115DL/20/80
    Elin 858/105/20/155! Gym record for ladies overhead!

  3. Big E

    YAY for a gym record, however, if i can throw 155 over my head, why is it so hard to front squat x 5 any more than that?? argh! Maybe the Carolina Fitness challenge will just have push jerk, push press, shoulder press workouts and not overhead squats, burpees, push-ups, box jumps… Yeah, I’m dreamin’!!


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