101029 Friday “Paris”

Daniel floating onto the 30" box mid-WOD.

Strength/Skill Work Pistol: Complete 4-5 sets per leg either working for how deep you can get in the squat or if you have an unassisted pistol then add weight.


3 Rounds of:

400m run

21 kettlebell swings

12 burpees

For time.

This WOD was last completed on 100820.

Reminder: Today is Friday please wear a red tee forProject Red Shirt!

5 thoughts on “101029 Friday “Paris”

  1. Dawn

    Tony and I are planning to do the 2009 CF Challenge (WOD from last Sat) tomorrow at 1000. Anyone who wants to join the torture come on.

  2. miriam

    Augh, Dawn, I can’t do it tomorrow. I am going to the Power of Pink run in Haywood County in the morning. Would you guys be willing to wait until a week from tomorrow so I can work out with you? If not, I understand and I’ll catch it another time.

  3. Shanna

    Name Time/KB/Pistol Hght or Wght
    Scott 12:31/35/20″
    Shalene 12:50/20/20″
    Ben 10:41/30/20″
    Holly 13:28/18
    Maggie 11:41/35/12″+25#&35#
    Carly 11:32/28/no step+ 10#
    Robin 11:51/25/12″+35#
    Britt 11:25/30#/12″+plate
    Rustan 9:13/53/60#
    Tom 10/24/53/0
    Aidan 13:05/26/12″+ 35#
    Matt S 9:53/53/12″+25#
    Phil B 11:34/28
    Robb 10:46/30/20″+12#
    Seth 12:28/30/20
    Jana 12:34/25/12″+45#
    Phil L 10:34/45/12″+45#
    Jen S 12:54/20/12″
    Anna 11:05/25/12″
    Mark 11:09/35/12″
    Kenon 12:07/26/16
    Kelly 12:30/18/12″+35#
    Sarah 12:-1/26,18,18/12″+35#
    Diane 13:54/10
    Hans 11:55/35/20″
    Brooke D 11:52/26/20
    Amber 11:27/35/0
    Tim U 14:28/35/20″
    Lisa 12:02/18/20″
    KK 12:27/45/24″
    Tina 13:03/35/14.5″
    MCK 13:30/26/12″+35#
    Max 11:32/44/24″
    Ari 12:10/35/20″
    Ed 12:20/45/23″
    Rice 11:24/30/6#
    Sarah S 13:48/5/24″

    Yes, 35″ box MY APOLOGIES!!!


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