101030 Saturday

CFA has many brthday wishes to send out today: Karl, Lisa AND Leslie(not pictured)!!! That's a lot of burpees!

Strength/Skill Work Hang power snatch: Spend 15 minutes working up to a heavy set of 3


10 snatches (power or full…just get the bar overhead in a locked out position)

5 rounds of Cindy

10 snatches

3 rounds of Cindy

10 snatches

1 round of Cindy

For time.

Cindy= 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats

Snatch weight=80% of todays 3RM not to exceed 135/95lbs

6 thoughts on “101030 Saturday

  1. Shanna

    Name Time/Wght(lbs)/HPSx3
    Brian C. 1519/85/95
    David H. 2459/93.5/115
    Brian T. 1722/65/85
    Shannon 1343/75/95
    Jess T. 1554/32/42
    Kimberly 1758/42/53
    Anthony 1741/75/95
    Ed 2008+1extra Rnd of Cindy/75/85
    JP 1938/115/145
    Mike 1426/115/155
    Franklin 2040/75/95
    Jamie C. 1624/75/95
    Amber 1237/43/55
    Tina 1702/42/55 (red band)
    MenneM 1754/70/90
    Shanna 1231/88

  2. miriam

    Kudos to the 5 a.m. CFA-ers who ran the Power of Pink race out in Haywood County to raise funds for women who otherwise couldn’t afford mammograms. It was great seeing Anglea, Kim, Wendy, and others out there decked out in hot pink wigs and tutus running for a great cause. I perhaps saw more of Kim than I wanted to (really, Kim? Did you really MOON me? TMI, TMI!). Jana, Seth and I “ran” the 4 miler. I kept thinking about how I’d rather be doing the Carolina Fitness 2009 Challenge with Dawn and Phil. Then I’d snap out of it and think, “quick feet, lean forward, let gravity do the work.” I finished, but Lordy, I’m a slow runner and Lordy I find 4 miles interminable. I really like lifting weights far more than running. But I have committed myself to running 5Ks now. So have Jana and Seth, right guys? I will learn to love running, Dammit.


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