101204 Saturday

Congrats to Jana and Sara Kate (not pictured) who PR'd their C&J with 100lbs!

Strength/Skill Work Clean and Jerk: Spend 12 minutes working up to a heavy single (power clean is allowed)

Partner WOD

Complete 5 rounds of:

7 HIGH box jumps (35″/28″)

50ft overhead walking lunge (45/25#)

One person working at a time. When one finishes one round the next person begins. Each person completes 5 rounds.

3 thoughts on “101204 Saturday

  1. Corey

    Names Time/Wght/Box/C&J
    Katie/Shanna 727/Rx Katie 105
    Shannon/Anthony 900/Anthony Rx/165 Shannon 35/35/155
    SK/Josh 1136/24/22-25 SK 100PR/Josh125
    Heather/Jess T 1133/20-24/22 Heather 62/Jess T 82
    Seth/Marc 917/22/22 Both 105
    Jana/J 821/ Jana 22/15/100PR J 32/45/165-205
    Jeff/Jesse 1047/30/25 Both 105
    Sarah S/Erika 1015/14 Sarah 10/53 Erika 15/58
    JP/John 1035/Rx JP 205PR
    Mennem/Jaime C 1045/33/35 Mennem 115/Jaime C/125
    Ginna/Brandi 904/24/25 Both 67PR
    Amber/Tina 904/24/25 Both 90

  2. Jana

    Thanks for the shout-out on the caption! It was quite an exciting day! 🙂 Yeah to SK, too!!! I have no idea how she did that so soon after surgery… Rock star!


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