CFA Dominates Jingle Bell 5k

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Congratulations! And Thank You! To all the CFA members and friends who joined the team and helped make CrossFit Asheville the #1 fundraising team in 2010.

Cold weather neither slowed nor deterred Asheville CrossFitters, who had a very good showing. Click here for full results!

See comments for times and placements.

17 thoughts on “CFA Dominates Jingle Bell 5k

  1. Katie Rice

    You can count on the entire Rice Family to run–that’s two adults and two kids–all CrossFitters–ya-hoo!!! We live right here in Montford. Let me know the level of interest of and “after brunch party” at our home; we’d love to commune..

  2. Ozi

    Hi there

    Angie just arrived at our box, CrossFit Zurich, Switzerland. thanx a lot for the Shirt. As soon as we have out new I’ll send you few.

    all the best from Switzerland

  3. Allison

    I so hate to leave this post, but Bill and I will not be able to do the 5k afterall. It seems we have multiple schedule conflicts.

  4. Matt Baldwin

    Katie I’d love to drop by and see the gang and thank everybody for joining up. This is going to be a fun day. Amber… plan to go out at 80% and the 5k will cure what ails you!

  5. Matt Baldwin Post author

    A number of CFA Team Members (CFA athletes and friends) had PRs or placed high in their age division:

    Rustan Adcock, 19:25.6, 6:15/mile (PR), 5th place overall, 1st in 35–39 age division.

    Matthew Baldwin, 21:30.7, 6:55/mile (PR), 10th place overall, 1st in 40-44 age division.

    Jody Kuhne, 21:44.1, 6:59/mile (PR), 12th place overall, 2nd in 40-44

    Brad Rice, 22:32.4, 7:15/mile, 18th place overall, 4th in 40-44

    Angela Gerber, 22:38.7, 19th place overall, 7:17/mile, 1st in 40-44

    Joseph Branson, 23:10.7, 24th overall, 7:27/mile

    Frank Castleblanco, 24:437, 35th place overall, 7:57/mile

    Katie Rice, 25:37.9, 45th place overall, 8:14/mile, 2nd in 35-39

    Corey Duvall, 25:58.1, 47th place overall, 8:21/mile, 1st in 25-29

    Henry Rice, 30:33, 96th place overall, 9:49/mile, 3rd in 1-12 (7 years old!)

    Joy Kee, 32:43.4, 111th place overall, 10:31/mile

    David Hughes, 35:17.1, 136th place overall, 11:21/mile

    Brooke Dickson, 36:16.7, 147th place overall, 11:40/mile

    Jane Rice, 38:20.4, 162nd place overall, 12:20/mile (11 years old!)

    I am sure I missed someone… let us know in comments if you ran and I didn’t list you here!


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