OPT Big Dawg Online Competition

Registration is now open for the OPT Big Dawg Online Competition. CrossFit Asheville will host this event for participants on February 16 & 17.   This is a chance to see where you sit, feel out the competition season and receive training/testing education from James FitzGerald before the competition season begins. This is two days of testing you won’t want to miss!



Take two steps to register:

1) Register Here!  to join the Big Dawg Competition.

2) Email Shanna at ShannaDuvall@Gmail.com to confirm that you will be joining the festivities.


Dates: February 16 & 17, 2013.
Cost: $35 USD (proceeds go to the Big Dawg Dish who supports athletes in competition)
Where: CrossFit Asheville


Saturday heats will start at 7am and can have a start time as late as 10am.  The 8:30 class will have the opportunity to do all or part of the workout.

Sunday can start as early at 10am or as late as noon.  (Please email preferred start times for both days when you confirm your participation to ShannaDuvall@Gmail.com)



What’s new for this year’s online competition?

-compare scores to other athletes across the world
-view your ranking based on your age category
-access to the online recording of James discussing each test and the science behind them


What type of education will I receive in the recording from James?

-Athlete development and strategy for online competitions
-Testing of mixed modal training
-Pre and post workout meals
-What works and what doesn’t


Tests will be posted to the OPT blog and emailed out to participants at 10:00 PM on February 14, 2013. You can register after the workouts have been posted, however you must register and post your results before the deadline (of February 21st).

The tests along with the movement’s standards will be announced at the time we announce the workouts, and questions should be asked in the comments section of the OPT blog.