Why do a Fitness Competition if you’re not competitive?

Fitness competitions, started by the CrossFit Games in 2007 in northern California, are popping up everywhere!  The events are anywhere from a few hours with a couple workouts, to multiple workouts over multiple days.  Each competition is different, with different WOD’s (race-like workouts) and a multitude of movements that test a multitude of abilities including strength, stamina, power, and skill!


What speaks to me about the sport of CrossFit or Mixed Modal Fitness, is the variety.  Just like good runners will perform different length races, CrossFit competitions are always a unique variation and combination of movements, time frames, and “feelings”.  But aside from the day of competition itself, my true passion is the focus it gives me in my own abilities, and the insight into ways I can focus my efforts, all the while improving my health and fitness along the way!


Average competitions will include 3-4 different events throughout one day.  I use my placings among my peers to re-focus my training when I go back to normal life.  If you place 20th in 3 events, and 40th in the 4th event, you now have some insight into a weakness in your ability relative to other people in your category.


Was your 40th place the heavy front squat event?  You need to work on improve your squatting strength.  Was it the 7 minutes of Burpees and Pull ups?  Perhaps you should focus on weight loss.  In the deadlift, box jump, and run workout, did you start out in the lead and fall to the back of the pack?  Perhaps you need to learn some better pacing.  Did you struggle on the light power snatch and double unders?  These are skills that you can practice regularly and improve.


Perhaps you were 30th in all 4 events.  This means you’re balanced, and simply need to improve your lifestyle to reduce extra stressors, food, and sleep or improve your frequency/consistency of exercise.  This way, you can climb from 30th to 10th!  Then, perhaps your belief in yourself will take you from 10th to 1st!


You don’t need to look at your competitors and think “I am no good compared to them”.  You need to look at what areas of your own abilities can improve!  We are a social creature, we learn to eat, move, and live by those around us.  Therefore we should use social settings such as competitions to inspire further growth and progress in your own health, and together we can all create a healthier society!  Let go of your self-judgment and self-doubt and find a way to grow comfortable in uncomfortable situations!!

Upcoming Local Competitions


The CrossFit Open is a 5 week competition that is open to individuals all around the world.  There are over 40,000 males and 30,000 females signed up to participate and compete for a chance to qualify or help their affiliate qualify a team to the Regional competition which then qualifies three teams and three men & women to the International CrossFit Games  at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA July 26-28th!

Community Fitness Events will be hosting the Asheville CrossFit Open simply meaning that we will gather the local fitness communities together each week to complete the week’s Open workout.  Week 1 & 5 will be at CF Pisgah and weeks 2, 3, 4 at CFA!  Scaling will be allowed to those participating for fun and not to attempt to qualify to the regional competition.  

Sign up for the AVL CF Open here!    Join us for one or all five weeks!

With the exception of week three which will be a Friday evening event (first workout at 6pm) the other weeks will kick off with the first heat at 10am.  We encourage as many as possible to participate during this time, but we can accommodate at different times during the day/week as needed!

Participation is by donation only with portion of the proceeds going to support the scholarship program for the local Infant Swim Resource.  Thanks to our awesome sponsors we have raised nearly a $1,000 for this program thus far!!

As well, the 5th week of the Open (April 6th & 7th) will feature a Garage Games Event, The River Ruckus, at  CrossFit Pisgah with an individual competition (both Rxd, sclaed and masters divisions) on Saturday and team competition (Rxd or Scaled divisions) on Sunday.  The first individual event of the RR will be the final week’s workout for the CF Open.  This is an amazing local opportunity to gather with the local fitness community to see some of the top regional athletes compete as well as those new to the sport of fitness.  If you are unsure about participating as an individual then forming a team with some of your fellow CFA/SAC peers is a great way to introduce yourself to the sport!

Stretch yourself out of your comfort zone and see what personal growth and learning the experiences bring!