130611 Tuesday



AMRAC in 10 minutes with 4-8 reps of:

C2B pull-up

Single leg barbell RDL

H/R push-up

Goblet squat

NTE 3 rounds.

Strength/Skill Development 

A1. Deadlift 6, 4, 2, 6, 4, 2

A2. Dip 3-5 x 3 (Complete during every other set of deadlifts.  Add load or reduce load on Gravitron as able to complete 5 reps)


Complete 3 rounds of:

AMRAP in 2 minutes:
DB Right arm Waiter’s squat x 8
Burpee x 4
DB Left arm Waiter’s squat x 8
Burpee x 4

Rest 1 min  between rounds.  Pick up where you left off at the end of each round.

Post best DL x 6/4/2 and best dip x 3+, (Report loaded dips as +lbs and Gravitron as -lbs) and total reps (24 per round) with DB load.

One thought on “130611 Tuesday

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name DLX2/Dip/Total Rnds/DB#
    Aaron P 365/+35/4+16/40
    Heather G. 155/-40/4+22/15
    Maggie 195/Barx1/G-30×2/4+13/20
    Josh W. 315×4/+20/5+1/40
    Rebecca 155/-40/5/15
    Sarah B. 155/-30/5+8/25
    Tina 165/BW/5+3/20
    Julie S. 155/-40/4+19/15
    MenneM 235/+20/4+12/40
    Ginna 165/Grav/5+21/20
    Mark 225/BW/5+3/35×1/30×2
    Kirk 255/BW/5+12/35
    Allan 305/25/4+/30
    David P. 165/BW/5+/30
    Randy 345/5×35/6/50
    Chris 275/6x18lbs/5+10(130)/30
    Dub 335×8/62×5/5/50
    Kim E. 165/-80/4/20
    Rick F 205/6-100/4/20
    Drew 255PR -90/4+9/30


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