130614 Friday

CF Regional 003

The 100s…Kate during the 100 C2B pullups section.


AMRAC in 10 min with 6-10:

KB clean + push-press

SB Halfmoon

Wall ball

Hip extension (add load as able)

NTE 3 rounds.

Strength/Skill Development

A1.Sumo Deadlift x 3-5 x 5 sets

A2. Option #1: Axle press x 4-6 x 4 sets.
A2. Option #2: Strict HSPU: AMRAP x 4 sets.  ( Recommend barbell shoulder press of -66% BW prior to HSPUs)

Partner WOD

AMRAP in 12 minutes

P1: Run 200m
P2: AMRAP Manmakers

Post best SDL x 5, Axle press load x 5 or total HSPU & total rounds completed as a team.

One thought on “130614 Friday

  1. Corey

    Name SDLx5 Axle Press/HSPU Total Rnds/DB#
    Dan F. 295(reg DL)/ 115×5/45/35lbs
    John F. 295/51hspu/45/35lbs
    Denise 200/70/5/15
    Susie 200/70/5/15
    Frank 235/100/4/25
    Mark L. 235/105/4/20lbs
    Heather G. 135/60/39/15lbs
    Robin 135/45/39/15lbs
    Menne 205/100/56/25lbs
    Tom R. BS 275x5x5/54/35lbs
    Rustan BS 250x5x5/54/35lbs
    John K. 195×5/19hspu/56/25lbs
    Jessica H. 165×4/60/47/15lbs
    Aaron 305×3/110×4/47/35lbs
    Jana 165×5/62×6/47/15
    Peter D. 215/hspux3/33/30
    George O. 215/90×5/33/30
    KK 305×5/100×5/30MM/20lbs
    MCK 135×5/50×5/25MM/5Rnds/15lbs
    Raleigh 135×5/50×6/5 rnds/15lbs
    Tina 145×3/1 strict fro floor PR!/6Rnds/Tina-27MM/15lbs
    Shankle 155×5/hspu/6rnds/15lbs
    Will 310×3/125×5/45/35lbs
    Jordan 320×4/32hspu/45/35lbs
    Dub 355×5/41hspu/4/35lbs
    Rick 155×6/70×6/4/20lbs
    Hadley 125×5/50×4/4/12lbs
    Jen 165×5/55×4/5/20lbs
    Kelley 165×5/7hspu w/10lb plate/5/20lbs
    Shanna 255×5, 270×3/51hspu/abbreviated WOD


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