130617 Monday

Jesse with a 22 pound, 35 inch Snook that he caught near Ft. Myers FL. It was a 15 minute Amrap (as many reels as possible). ;)

Jesse with a 22 pound, 35 inch Snook that he caught near Ft. Myers FL. It was a 15 minute Amrap (as many reels as possible). ;)


AMRAC in 8 min with 8-12:

Goblet squat


Wall ball


NTE 2 Rounds.

Strength/Skill Development

A1. Front squat 3-3-3-3-3
A2. 1-arm DB High pull;  5-8/arm x 4

B. Tabata sit-up: Complete 8 intervals with AMRAP unanchored sit-ups in 20s with 10s rest.

Partner WOD

Complete 2 rounds of:
P1: Row 300/400m   (Stick with 400m if able average 500m pace in under 2:05)

P2: AMRAP Burpee Lateral Box Jump-over (NTE 20/16″ Jump on the box and then off the other side)

for time.

Each partner does both stations twice.

Post best FS x 3/DB HP x 5+/TSU as highest/lowest/total and overall time with total team BBJs.


2 thoughts on “130617 Monday

  1. Shanna

    Name FS x 3/ DBHPx5+/TSU hi/low/total/Time/Total BBJ
    Frank 195/30/13/10/93/?/24
    Emily K. 130/20×8/13/11/97/?/28
    Jeff G. 175/30/16/10/106/?
    Chris E. 195×3/40×8/13/11/95/?/34
    Scott S. 175/35/13/7/84/?/20
    Oz 185/35/14/9/183?/?/26
    Jen M. 115/20/14/11/98/748/31
    Denise 115/30/14/9/605/23
    John F. 255/45/15/11/748/29
    Susie 115/20/14/12/? 605/18
    R.S. 235/30/15/14/116/810/30
    Doug 175/40/12/9/84
    John K. 150×2/35/13/10/106/8:04/68 as team
    Tom R. 225/-/14/11/108/720/28
    Rustan 225/-/14/10/97
    Dan F. 195/205×1, 19/10/108/810/35
    Kirk 165/40/13/10/113/710/38
    Hadley 90/20/15/9/89/815/30
    Eva 125/25/16/10/97/737/35
    Katie B. 135×2/35/17/11/107/737/31
    Peter 165/35/12/9/78/651/31
    Jesse 205PR/45/13/10/90/651/31
    Jana 120x3PR/20/13/11/94/741/56 team
    Phil B. 165×3/35/13/11/99/741/56 team
    KK 145/40/13/12/97/659/team
    MCK 105/15/12/10/88/728/50 team
    Drew 145/30/xx100/728/50 team
    Kenan 185PR/25/15-9-93/728/50 team
    Randy 195/50/17/13/117/635/47
    Tina 120×3/20/14/11/97/800/35/400m
    Jordan 210×3/215×1/40/13/7/80/635/34
    Moriah 120×3/20×8/14/9/82/635/29
    Raleigh 85×3/20/15/10/97/800/35/400
    Jason 165×3/35/14/13/103/621/50
    Tyler 185×3/30/11/9/80
    Christine 65×3/20/12/10/83/8:10/61
    Anthony 215/30/12/8/82 703/26/56-team
    Ryan F. 205/45/17/13/122/700/47-solo, 400m
    Jess T. 135×3/25/12/11/90/703/26
    Brooke 140×3/20/12/10/654/21-solo
    Sarah CmK 105×3/25/14/15/113
    Beth 135/-/14/10/100/639/36
    Ed 225/35/14/13/121
    Will 225/40/14/9/91/700/23-solo
    Kelley 135/25/15/13/?/6:53/21
    Vanessa 115/20/10/8/?/653/20-solo
    Mary Beth 105/15/14/10/90/639/?
    Amanda 115/30/14/11/98/721/31/400m
    Jessica 115/30/12/11/89/721/18/400/300/16
    Callahan 🙂


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