130618 Tuesday

Roderick & Randy during Memorial Day Murph @ CF Summit

Roderick & Randy during Memorial Day Murph @ CF Summit


AMRAC in 10 minutes with 6-10:



SB get-up

DB Reverse lunge alternating legs

NTE 3 rounds.

Strength/Skill Development

A1. Shoulder press x 2 + Push-press x 4 sets.

A2. DB WL x 20 steps x 3 sets.


Complete 2 sets of:
60 seconds AMRAP Thruster (Use ~60-70% of today’s best press complex NTE 95/65lbs)

60 seconds Rest

60s Sandbag get-ups on R

60 seconds Rest

60s Sand bag get-ups on L

60 seconds Rest

60 seconds 10m shuttle run (every 20m is 1 point)

60 seconds Rest

Post best press complex, heaviest DB WL load, total reps with thruster & SB load.


One thought on “130618 Tuesday

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name Best Press Complx/WLx20/Total Reps/Thruster/SB
    Sarah B. 65/25/?/45/25
    Ward 125/35/85/85/25
    Britt 75/12/73/50/50
    Jess 70/25/77/45/15
    Julie 70/30/?/45/25
    Tina 85 PR!/20/71/55/25
    Maggie 80/35/80/60/25
    Josh 125/45/84/95/25
    MenneM 115/125×1/50/77/85/25
    Randy 145/50/92/95/50
    Allan 105/40/?/75/25
    Kirk 125/40/77/75/25
    David P. 105/30/65/75/25
    Chapman 155/35/73/95/25
    Ginna 75/35/?/55/15
    Dub 135/75/84/95/50
    Rick 95/25/60/65/25
    Shankle 75/20/86/55/15


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