130619 Wednesday “Helen”



AMRAC in 12 minutes with 8-12 unless otherwise noted:

Back squat

C2B pull-up x 4-6


Ring push-up

NTE 3 rounds.

Strength/Skill Development

Complete 4 sets of the following sequence:

A1. Choose one of the following as appropriate to your present strength level:

  • Muscle-ups: AMRAP x 3 ( Recommend: ~130% BW pull-up & dip.)
  • Strict C2B pull-up x 2-4. Add load as able.
  • Pull-up @ 31X1; x 3-5 w/ Gravitron assist

A2. Box jump (Rest ~10s between reps.  Step down & focus on landing softly.)

A3. Hip extension @ 1011; x 6-10; Add load as able.


Complete 3 rounds of:

400m run

21 KBS (NTE 1.5/1 pd)

12 pull-ups

for time.

Helen was last completed in classes on Friday 120720. 

Post total MUs or best set of Pull-ups (weighted pullups reported as +lbs and Gravitron as -lbs x number of reps), box height and overall time with KB load and any modifications or notes from last time.


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  1. Shanna Post author

    Name Pull-up/Time/BJ/KB/Mods
    Chris E. +18lbsx4/10:41/31″/C2B pullups
    Frank C2B/12:03/40″
    Scott 3.1 eccentric ?/10:59/40″
    Emily K. C2Bx2 PR 10:27/30″ -RR
    Denise Pullups 12:26 28″
    Julie S. -50lbs/11:18/16″
    John F. C2Bx4 27lbs 10:48 Rxd 36″
    Susie W. pullups/11:23/35lbs/26″
    Amanda BWx2 pullup, 10:54/30lbs/30″
    Tom R. 3 MUx3/11:11/Rxd
    Rustan 14 MU/9:24/Rxd/38″
    Seth +26lbsx4, 1st bar MU!/12:01/40lbs/30″
    Mark L. +20lbsx4/11:55/40lbs/jump;ing pullups/32″
    Matt T. 5×3/11:48/44lbs/Jumping pullups/38″
    Kirk BWx4/11:41/44lbs
    Eva -40lbsx3/10:58/30″/40lbs/Jumping Pullups
    Katie B. -60lbs/11:17/40lbs/24″ PR~
    Ginna The one ledger 11:39/Row/40lbs
    Jesse Y MUs 6/5/2/1 11:37/Rxd/43″
    Jason C2B+15lbs/13:03/43 Box 36
    Jen M. +7.5lbsx3, 10:37 35lbs/Jumping pullups/29″
    Phil B. 35PUx2/10:50/40lbs/Rxd/Box 32″
    Rob F. – – 10:42/Rxd
    Peter D. 15 MUs/11:45/53/C2B
    Tom H. 16 PU/12:30/44lbs
    Jana Grav -30lbs/3/29″/15lbs/11:59/30lbs/RR
    Dan F> 22MU/6/7/5/4, 11:53 Rxd
    Corey D. – – 8:52 Rxd
    Chapmen 1st MU!/ 12:18/53/12 kipped
    Cherie 4@8lbs/13:30/26lbs/RR
    Dale C2B 4×4@45lbs/9:59/Rxd


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