130620 Thursday

Congrats to Chapman for hitting his first ever ring muscle-up yesterday!  Here is the video of his second!  


ARMAC in 8 minutes of with 8-12:


Single arm DB SDHP (4-6/arm)


H/R push-up

Strength/Skill Development 

A1. Deadlift: 7, 5, 3, 7, 5, 3

A2. Ring dip or dip progression: 3-5 x 3 (Add load as able/reduce Gravitron assist as able to complete 5 reps.  Perform after every other set of DLs)


Complete 3 sets of:

3 Rounds for time

6 R arm DB SDHP
12 Box jumps (NTE 24/20″)
6 L arm DB SDHP
Bear crawl 50ft

Rest 1 minute after the 3rd and 6th round.

Goal: Faster over each set of 3.

Post best DL x 7/5/3, dip and time for each of the three sets of 3RFT with DB load/box height.