130622 Saturday


Best of luck to Corey competing today at Raleigh CrossFit in the Carolina’s Capitol City Clash! 

Reminder: Today starts the 9am Saturday class per the request of the people!  Continued feedback is welcomed ShannaDuvall@Gmail.com


AMRAC in 12 minutes with 8-12:

Axle front squat

1 arm FC x 30m/arm

DB high pull

Plank burpees

NTE 3 rounds.

Strength/Skill Development 

Complete 4 sets of:

A1. DB Muscle Snatch x 4-6/arm

A2. Axle Front-rack Forward lunge x 10-16 alternating legs

A3. Toes to bar x 6-12 AFAP

Rest 90 seconds

Partner WOD

AMRAP in 15 minutes:

P1: 15 RKBS (NTE 1.5/2 pd)

1-arm Farmer’s carry x 50m/arm

P2: Max distance row

Post best DB MM snatch x 6/arm, Axle FR lunge x 16, Team completed rounds, Team row in total meters.

3 thoughts on “130622 Saturday

  1. Shanna

    Name DBMSx6, Axle FRlungex16/Team Rnds/Meters rowed
    Doug 35-50/70-90/3.5/3515m
    Heather 30/6/65×16/3.5/3315
    Tina 25/6/80×10/3.5/3016
    Jess G. 20/6/45×16/3+2459
    Kim 30/6/45×16/3+2459
    Jess H. 25/6/90×12/4.5/3116
    Sarah 30/80/4/2968
    Ginna 40/90/4/2968
    Emily 30/90×10/3.5/3116
    Dub 75/140/3+/2954
    Chap 55/110×14/3+/2954
    Ryan F. 50/110×16/3.5/3463
    David P 35/80×16/3.5/2954
    Dan F. 60/110×10/3.5/3463

  2. Shanna

    7am “Christine”
    Peter 1335/165/24″x2/20×1 trip L knee!
    Jesse 11:27/160/24″
    Maggie 1407/155/20″
    Amber 1037/115/20″ ub
    Brooke 1716/175/16″
    Ginna 11:01/125/20″
    Jess T. 1217/135/16
    Anthony 11:54/190/20″


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