130624 Monday

John & Ed knocking out partner burpees!

John & Ed knocking out partner burpees!


AMRAC in 10 minutes with 8-12:

Overhead squat

Single-arm DB High-pull

H/R push-up

KB Good-morning

NTE 2 rounds.

Strength/Skill Development

Complete 4 sets of A1/2:

A1. Romanian deadlift (3011) x 6-8

A2. Axle press x 6-8


AMRAP in 15 minutes:
Power clean x 5 (Use ~40-50% of today’s best RDL NTE 95/135lbs)
Toes to bar x 10
Run 400m

Post best RDL x 8, Axle press x 8 & overall time with power clean load & any modifications.

One thought on “130624 Monday

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name RDLx8/Axle Press/Rnds+/Load/Mods
    Ozzie 255/70/4+5/105
    Susie 165/70/4+6/75
    John F. 295/90/4+15+75m/135
    Katie 185/70/4+15/85/PB
    Eva – /604+2/82/TTB
    Hadley 105/45/4/42/T2R+PB
    Holly 105/45/5/52/TTB
    John 185/90/4+5/95
    Aaron 325/8/100/5/Rxd
    Rustan 225/100/5+15/Rxd
    Tom 255/100/5/Rxd
    Matt 185/90/5/95/T2B
    Tina – 65×8/4/85/T2B in 15:30
    Phil B. 165/90/4/75/T2B+50m
    Peter 205/100/5/95/T2B/Row
    BPS 115/60/3/95/T2B/?
    Jesse 205/100/5+200/95/T2B
    Jess 130×8/45/3+T2B/65
    KK 225/90/4+15+100m/95/TTB
    Kenan 185/70/4+7/75 ~70%T2B ~30% PB
    Jason M 155/70/5/75/T2B
    Drew 195/70/3+TTB/95 ~20% T@B ~80% PB
    Moriah 155/50/4/65/PB
    Ginna 160/65/4+10/70/Row
    Dub 275/130×8/4/Rxd
    Mandy 105/55×6/3+15+100m/52lbs PB
    Rebecca 105/60/4@16:20/47lbs some TTB/rest PB
    Mado 125/70×6/4+15+200m 15:20 65lbs
    Dan F. 295/110/5@15:08/Rxd
    Amber – – 5+12/Rxd
    Brooke 205/70/3+5/Rxd
    Beth 185 PR!/20/3+25/65
    R. Farmer 255/100/4+15+350m/Rxd
    Sarah D. 175/60/3+15/85
    Anthony 225/80/4+12/Rxd
    Ryan F. 255/100/5+200m/Rxd
    Jess T. 175/60/3+15+300m
    Ed 225/80/5/115
    Vanessa 145/60/4+5/52
    Kelley 155/70/4+10/60


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