130627 Thursday


Jacob and his brother took iWebXpert on the road earlier this spring interviewing entrepreneurs across the country about their businesses.  Check out Jason’s write up in the Citizen Times on their cross-country road trip! 


AMRAC in 10 minutes with 7-10:

Bent over Barbell Row

Single arm DB OHS

Ring pull-up (use false-grip as able)

NTE 3 rounds.

Strength/Skill Development

A. Power clean: Build to a heavy TnG triple in 10 minutes

B. Single arm DB OH Walking lunge x 20. Switch arms after 10.  Rest 60s x 3


AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
8 Knees to elbows
6 DB Push-press (NTE 35/45lbs)
4 Pull-ups (Adv C2B)
2 Burpees

Post best power clean x 3, WLx20 & total score with DB load and any modifications. (20 possible points per round)


One thought on “130627 Thursday

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name PwrClnx3/WLx20/Score/DB/Mods
    Jess H. 85/20/7-1pullup/20/RR
    Sarah B. 90/25/7/20/RR
    Josh 175/30/5+10/35/-
    Maggie 120/25/6+14/25/none
    Julie S. 75/25/7+3/20/RR
    Doug 155/25/4 to 2PU/40/-
    Robin 75/20/6 to 4PP/30/RR
    Joy 75/20/7-1burpee/24/RR
    Ginna 100!/30/8+8/25/2 pullups
    Robert 185/25/6+5/45
    Allan 135/30/?
    K. Shankle 85/25/5+2/20/2PU
    hadley 67×2/15/8+3/15/RR
    Lauren 145/35/6+14/30
    David P. 115/25/6+/25
    K. Beane 115/35/7+2/JPU/35
    Kirk 155/35/6+2/45
    Matt 165/40/6/40
    Holly M. 72/15/9+12/20/RR
    Anthony 185/40/6+3/45-
    Kim 85/20/5.5/20/GV
    Kim H. 1x105PR/20/5+4K2E/20/2 PU
    MCK 80/15/5/15/2
    KK 155/30/6+16/30/C2B
    Jess T. 115/25/5/20 PULLUPS!
    Ashton 82/15/6+6/15/RR
    Laura 75/12/5+8/RR
    John 195/40/7+5/45
    Jamie 175×3/40/6+4/35
    Kelley 85/15/6+12/25
    Mau 175/Rx/8+8/Rx


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