130628 Friday



AMRAC in 10 minutes with 4-8:

Sumo DL

SB Get-up



NTE 4 rounds.

Strength/Skill Development

Complete 4 sets of:

A1. Single arm RKBS x 8-12/arm
A2. Dip x 2-4 (Add load as able)
A3. Row: Max cals in 30s


Complete 3 sets of:

AMRAP in 4 minutes

3 Sandbag get-ups (Rt side)

6 Sandbag BSU alternating

3 Sandbag get-ups (Lt side)

6 Sandbag BSU alternating

12 Slammers

Rest 1 minute b/w sets

Post best SA RKBS, Dip x 2+, total score (30 points per round) with SB/Box.

One thought on “130628 Friday

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name RKBS/Dip/Score/SB/Box/Slmr
    Ozzie 35/4/160/20/20
    Frank 53/3/112/heavy/20
    Denise 35/6/150/heavy/16/20
    Susie 35/4 Neg/158/heavy/16/20
    John 53/4+63/180/light/20/40
    Eva 45/3 (-50)/189/15/16/25
    Katie B. 53/3(-50)/128/50/16/30
    John K. 45/ring+40/154/Med/20/30
    Seth 40/30ring/150/Med/20/30
    Will 53/2?/130/med/20/30
    MenneM 50/4+10rings/151/med/20/30
    Peter D. 53/+55/108/Heavy/20/40
    Brian S. 45/-60/90/med/20/20
    Jana 45/-40/153/light/20/20
    Jason 45/10/121/Med/20/20
    Dan F. 53/36KGx2/151/40/20/40
    Chapman 53/88×4/?/Med/24/30
    Moriah 35/Grav/210/15/16/15
    Ginna 40/6/182/20/20/20
    Raleigh 35/-50/123/20/16/20
    Jordan V. 53/+53Ringsx4/159/40/20/40
    Jamie C. 53/30×6/162/50/20/30
    Beth 40/-/138/15/20/15
    Dub 71/65×4/159/30/20/30
    Vanessa 30/5#+3/150/15/16/15
    Callahan 35/Grav/183/20/16/15
    Scoot M. 53/4BW/120/30/20/30
    Mandy 26/Grav
    Rebecca 26/-80/117/16″


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