130629 Saturday

Coach Rice just hanging around.

Coach Rice just hanging around.


AMRAC in 10 minutes with 5-12:

Goblet squat


Tire flips

Battle ropes x 20 seconds

NTE 3 rounds.

Strength/Skill Development 

A. Front squat: 8 minutes to build to tough double

B. Clean & Jerk: 15 minutes to heavy single


Complete 2 sets of:
60 seconds AMRAP C&J  (Use ~60-70% of today’s best NTE 95/135lbs)

60 seconds Rest

60s Burpee pull-ups/jumping pull-ups

60 seconds Rest

60s 10m shuttle run (every 20m is 1 point)

60 seconds Rest

60 seconds Tire flips

60 seconds Rest

Post best FS x 2, C&J, total score with load & any modifications.

3 thoughts on “130629 Saturday

  1. Shanna

    7am &9am FSx2/C&J
    Name FSx2, Snx1, C&J, Josh
    Corey D. 275 PR, 185, – 10:08 Rxd w/C2B
    Jess G. 125, -, 100
    Jen M. 125×2,-, 100
    Amber – 105/140/9:30 Rxd
    John 255/145/-/10:03 Rxd


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