Class/OG Feedback Requested

Hi all,

We’re considering further changes to the schedule.  However, your feedback is required to put changes in place.


  1. Addition of Sunday Open Gym from 8a-10a.  
  2. Addition of Friday 4:30p class
  3. Addition of Friday Open Gym from 4:30-6:30p
  4. Addition of 4:30 or 6:30 pm Monday class.
  5. Moving Saturday class to 9am

Please email feedback around these topics to  If you have interest in attending one of the suggested classes please indicate if you will be leaving another class in order to do so. If you find these specific days/times do not meet your needs please include further suggestions that would.

Thank you for your feedback!


3 thoughts on “Class/OG Feedback Requested

  1. lach zemp

    Yes on Sunday gym

    For those of us who work 8-6 , later weekday classes would be really helpful. I like being there early but its about the only slot that works

    Thanks for asking and congrats again on the competition

  2. John Kelso

    I rarely attend weekend classes, but could attend more depending on schedule. But you should discount the weight of my comments since I’m not a weekend regular.
    I would not personally attend the Sunday open gym nor the Friday afternoon class, nor the Monday afternoon class, so I have no input on those.
    I would prefer not to move the Saturday class from 8:30 to 9:00. For me, the 8:30 class is already later than I would like since it’s late enough that I’ve got to eat breakfast before working out.


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