MidAtlantic CrossFit Regionals Recap


Forty-eight men competitors, forty-eight women competitors, 30 teams and thousands of spectators gathered in the Prince George Sports and Learning Complex on Friday to determine who would advance to the CrossFit Games.  The energy from CrossFit Asheville was being funneled toward our favorite competitors: Kate Carson and Shanna Duvall.  After placing fourteenth in 2012 for the Southeast Region, Kate returned for her second go at the regional competition.  Shanna has become a regular at the CrossFit Regionals after being invited back five years in a row.  In 2012 she received fourteenth in the MidAtlantic.  Despite their seven years combined experience in this event, it still remains a physical, emotional and mental challenge to participate.


Jackie began Friday’s festivities.  Shanna and Kate pronounced immediately that they weren’t here to mess around with fourth and seventeenth place finishes respectively.  The girls then had the opportunity to throw up a three rep overhead squat max.  Shanna finished at 145#x3, a ten pound PR while Kate posted a 180#x2 landing her at seventh place for that event.  Two minutes later, they climbed on the rings for a round of 30 burpee muscle-ups in event three.

431906_10200703762290938_255488980_nShanna was the only female to complete all thirty reps before the end of the seven minute time limit.  Seven events left only seven opportunities for a first place finish. Shanna joined this elite group of first place finishers by nailing down a first place finish in event three.   Ripped hands were the trophies for completing this event!

Event Four on Saturday morning has also been dubbed by Dale as “the Ironman of CrossFit workouts.”  The ladies had a 25 minute time limit to complete this dirty compilation of movements: 100 wall balls (14lbs to a 10′ target), 100 chest to bar pull-ups, 100 alternating pistols and 100 one-arm dumbbell snatches (50 lbs).   Despite Kate’s multiple knees surguries, she was able to complete all the pistols and start on dumbbell snatches before time ran out to tie for twenty-third place.  Shanna consistently paced herself through all the movements and repped out fifty-eight snatches to get fifth place in this event.   Saturday ended with a quick round of  21-15-9 deadlifts (205lbs)  and box jumps (24″).  Kate killed this round in 4:23 for eleventh place and Shanna finished in 4:37 for seventeenth place.


Events six and seven brought a whole new set of challenges on Sunday.  Event six consisted of 100 DU’s, 50 handstand pushups, 40 toes-to-bar, 30 shoulder to overhead (100 lbs) and 90 ft. walking lunge.  Shanna’s speedy walking lunges raced her way to  fifth place in this event.  Kate landed at thirty-third place after a long struggle with handstand pushups.  Four rounds of:  Two 15′ rope climbs, 100′ sprint, four 135lb squat cleans and then 100′ sprint separated the scores for final tallying. Kate finished the work in 5:52 for a tenth place position and Shanna completed in 5:51 for a ninth position.  Points were added and final finishing positions were set in stone.  Shanna received her best score yet for a Regional Competition at sixth place and Kate at twentieth.

Shanna summarizes, “It’s already Tuesday and it’s still crazy that another year of Regionals competition has come to a close. Every year the experience is sweeter. Overall placing aside it becomes more about the personal challenges and ALL the people that were apart of the big picture. To the judges & volunteers, individuals on the sidelines, those who sent messages before/during/after and those who have impacted me along the way, I appreciate every single one of you! More than ever I felt connected to my fellow competitors and true gratitude for the opportunity to truly play and challenge myself in ways I never could have dreamed possible when I did my first burpee back in 2007. Deep gratitude to my husband Corey Duvall for his willingness to support my dreams and the manual therapy that keeps me moving well from event to event. My coach James FitzGerald for his wisdom, guidance and challenges that bring constant learning on this journey. My entire CrossFit Asheville / Stay Active Clinic & Optimum Performance Training families, teammates, mentors & friends that fill me with love & support. Shout out to SuMMit CrossFit for the use of their ropes, Threshold Provisions &Radbar for the fuel and support! I will keep coming back stronger next year…onward & upward!!”