130702 Tuesday



AMRAC in 10 minutes with 7-12:

Romanian deadlift

Strict pull-up (C2B as able)

Goblet squat

Single-arm DB OHS

NTE 3 rounds.

Strength/Skill Development

Complete 3 sets of:

A1. DB Lunge squat or split squat @ 3011; 5-8/leg

A2. Bar Dip x 1-3 (Add load as able/subtract Gravitron assist.

A3. Hip extension with 2s hold @ top x 6-10 (add load as able)


Complete 4 rounds of:

200m run

8 Renegade rows

12 DB Box step-ups

for time.

This workout was last completed on 120727. 

Post best LS or split squat x 8, dip (+ if add load, – load if use gravitron), overall time w/DB/Box.

One thought on “130702 Tuesday

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name LSx5-8/BAR dipx1-3/Time/DB/Box
    Britt 20/-/820/20/20
    MenneM 55×6/+25/852/30/20
    Josh 45×8/+25/843/40/20
    Tina 30/+9/809/20/16
    Sarah 35/-40/802/20/16
    Jess H. 35×8/-60×3/717/20/16
    Maggie 40×8/barx3/634/25/16
    Julie 30×8/-30×2/825/20/16
    HollyM. 20/-50/653/15/16
    Doug 40×8/+45×3/745/30/20
    Mark L. 40×8/+25×3/845/25/20
    Kirk 40×8/+30×3/823/30/20
    Mike D 52×8/+25×3/916/35/16
    David P. 30×8/3/930/25/20
    Allan 50/3×35/1035/35/20
    Jason M. 45×5/2×54/742/30/20
    Robert 30×6/3×22/721/30/20
    Jordan 55×6/56×3/823/40/20
    Rick 25×6/-120/819/15/20
    Kim H. – 700/15/16
    Kim E. 20/-70/903/15/16
    Dub SS 65×8/80×3/914/40/20
    Beth SS 35×6/-/843/20/16
    Shankle SS 30/-/804/20/16


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