130703 Wednesday

Maggie hits a 100lbs snatch during the Saturday 7am training sessions!

Reminder: Check out our Holiday Hours for tomorrow!   Classes will be able to accommodate larger groups so please feel free to come if you are off and do not typically come on Thursdays.


AMRAC in 10 minutes w/6-10:

Snatch press-under

T-push up

Single-arm DB muscle snatch

F/G Ring C2B Pull-up

NTE 3 rounds.

Strength/Skill Development: 
Complete 4 sets of A1/2:

A1. Hang muscle snatch x 2-4

A2. AMRAP box/plate jumps in 10 seconds.  (Start low & increase height as able to complete 10 in 10s)

B. Tabata Sit-ups OR if you previously completed then spend 4 minutes practicing Tuck/L-sits in dip bars or on rings.


AMRAP in 12 minutes:

5 Ring push-ups (Sub regular push-ups if you do not have 20 push-ups from toes)

10 DB snatch (5/arm)

20 Double unders

This workout was last completed on 120706. 

Post best HMS,TSU hi/low/total, overall time DB load & any mods.

One thought on “130703 Wednesday

  1. Shanna

    Name HMmSn TSUHi/Low/Total Reps/DB#/Mods
    Ozzie 85×4/Rings/217/35/10DU
    Chris E. 95×5/rings/230/50/-
    Susie 55/-/260/25-
    John F 95/15-11-97/227/60/-
    Denise 65/-/250/25/-
    Emily 70×4/tuck sit/ 215/30/-
    Ben -/13-9-82/-
    Eva 70×2/-/282/30#/-
    Katie B. 70×2/-/280/30/-
    Chris H -/12-9-83/280/30/-
    John K. 85×4/14-12-9x?/246/35/-
    Jesse 90×4/-/328/40/-
    Shankle 60×4-/25-/20
    Ginna 55/-/390/20/leg lat jump
    Phil B 55/-/318/30/-
    Jana 55/tuck/289/20/-
    Mary Beth 65/14-9-86/ 290/single 60
    Mike 115/96/258/singles 40/-
    Tom H. 95×4/65/258/54/-
    Dan F. 95×4 105×2/94 sec/280/55/-
    Karen S. 55x4x4/ 12-12-105/ 150/25/-
    Frank 105×4/ringholds/210/23/attempts
    Drew 65×4/14-12-102/175/30/attempts
    Will 115×4/parallel bars/200/50/-
    Jordan V 85×4/parallette bars/224/50/-
    Jamie 105×4/14-9-94/180/40/-
    Raleigh 35×4/tuck sit/175/25/attempt
    Lisa 35×4/14-9-82/175/15/attempts
    Vanessa 62/10/9/74/140/20
    Robert 95/13/8/84/315/45/DU
    Ryan 95/18/15/130/300/40/DU
    Kelley 65/14/14/112/155/25/DU
    Sarah D. 55/-/140/30


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