130713 Saturday


Best of luck to Corey, Jordan & Nadia in the Individual Competition, as well as teams: Shankle & K. Beane, Dawn & Denise, Becca & Amber at today’s Greenville Games!  Follow the results here! 


AMRAC in 10 minutes with 4-8:

Front squat

Kip swing

DB Press

GHD sit-up


NTE 3 rounds.

Strength/Skill Development 

Clean: 15 minutes to heavy single

Partner WOD from Greenville Games 

AMRAP in 10 minutes

15 KBS (NTE 53/35)

15 Burpees

One partner completes all 15 reps of both exercises and then the other partner starts. Switch back & forth as many times as possible in 10 minutes.


“Block-run” ~700m for time.

Post best clean, total reps/KB load(s), run time.


Yoga is cancelled for tomorrow Sunday, July 14th, but Open Gym is still on from 8a-10am.

One week until the “Exercise to Save Lives” Event at ARC Downtown location.  Get yourselves, family & friends registered here today! 

One thought on “130713 Saturday

  1. Shanna

    Name Clean/Total Reps or Time for 25/25/KB# Run
    Peter 175/10:40/62/3:13
    Ed -/120/35 1-arm/3:52
    Maggie – – 8:07/35/2:57
    David P. 135/57/35
    Rustan 215PR/8+25(265)/53/2:58
    Dan F. 205/265/3:10
    Jess G. 110(PR), 6+7/35
    Jess H. 110(PR), 6+7/35/3:08
    Dub 225/2+1/53/3:45
    Anthony 215/241/53/3:40
    Aaron P. 225/6+5/53/2:56
    Tina 130/7+7/35/3:47
    Jesss T. 125/7+7/35/4:00
    Ryan F. 65-1arm DB/150/53/2:27


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