130716 Tuesday


Denise & Katie during Greenville Games!

One week until the “Exercise to Save Lives” Event at ARC Downtown location.  Get yourselves, family & friends registered here today! 


AMRAC in 12 minutes with 7-10:

Back squat

Wide-grip pull-up

Wall ball

Hip extension

Strength/Skill Development

Complete 4 sets of:

1-arm Farmer’s carry x 30m

Double under/Triple under/Rebounding Practice 30 seconds

Toes to bar x 4-10 AFAP

Partner WOD

Complete 2 rounds of:

P1: 400m run

P2: Row 150m IFB AMRAP Wall balls until partner returns from 400m run

for time.

Post best FC x 30m, overall time & total WBs completed as a team.



One thought on “130716 Tuesday

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name FC/Time/WB
    Heather 50/820/64
    Jessica 45/807/72
    Rebecca 45/807/72
    Matt 50/811/77
    Tina 40/811/77
    Joy 40/820/64
    Allan 924/74
    Randy 95/740/76
    Lauren 70/740/76
    Ginna 70/723/73
    Kirk 55/723/73
    Bryan 95/830/66
    Brian S. 105/830/66
    David 50/75/725/22+
    Caleb 55/822
    Robi 75/822
    Will 110/949/92 (W/Kim H.)
    Shankle 65/800wAmber/24
    Jordan 125/800/Kim E. 42


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