130717 Wednesday

Congrats to Nadia for taking 3rd place in the Rx'd Ladies @ Greenville Games!

Congrats to Nadia for taking 3rd place in the Rx’d Ladies @ Greenville Games!


AMRAC in 10 minutes with 6-10:

Goblet squats


GHD sit-ups


NTE 3 rounds.

Strength/Skill Development 

Complete 4 sets of:

A1 Option #1. Pistols 3-5/leg (add load as able)

A1 Option #2. DB Russian Box step-up 7-10/leg

A2.KBS x 7-10 w/1s hold OH

A3. Row 20 seconds for max watts


Complete 3 sets of:

AMRAP in 3 minutes:

2 Hang power cleans (70-80% of a multi-rep max NTE 155/105lbs)

4 Front squats

6 H/R Burpee over bar

Rest 1 minute b/w sets.  Pick up where you left off.

Post best Pistol/RBSU/KBS/total score (12 points per round).


One thought on “130717 Wednesday

  1. Shanna

    Name Pistols/RBSU, KBS/Total Score/load
    Frank 6/3Rnds/62/95
    EmilyK. 25/20×10/45/96/85
    Chris E. 35/20×1055/90/115
    Jeff G. 30/20×10/40?
    Julie S. 30/44/99
    Susie 25/16″/45/87/75
    John F. 40/-/62/83/155
    Denise 25/18″x10/45/?/85
    Holly M 15/20″/35/128/50
    Hadley 20/16″/35/92/42
    Eva Pistol 16″/53/120/85
    Rustan 40/-/72/74/110
    Aaron 20#/24″/80/72/155
    Kirk 5/3Rnds/53/86/115
    Scar 30×10/52/527watts/475 rounds
    Joel 4ish/72/8Rnds+4/100@155
    Peter +10lbs/72/87/135
    Tom H. ~3/leg!, 40×10/86/75
    Jason 25lbs/20″/53/112/105
    Phil B. 4 pistols on bar/62×7/110
    Beth 15RBSU/30×8/102/55
    Moriah 20″x10/35×10/92/65
    Jordan 30lbs/24″/62/85/145
    Jamie C. 1st pisols!!/72/75@135
    Dub 14 pistols on 24″ box/80/96@155
    Shankle pistols to 16″/45/112@65
    Rebecca 15lbs/26/84@55
    Drew 25lbs/20″/88@75lbs
    Mandy 15lbs/26lbs/84@50lbs
    Kim H. 25lbs/18″/105/65
    B. Foster Px3/53/400/6+6
    Brooke RBSU/62/414/74/95
    Kelley Px4/53/388/101/75
    Vanessa Px3/35/324/107/62
    Ryan F. Pistol/53/431-single arm/152/65lb db -1 arm
    Ginna P to 12″/50/372/120/70


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