130817 Saturday


Best of luck to Jordan, Lisa and any others participating in today’s Summer Splash Trail Race on Springmaid Mtn in Spruce Pine!


AMRAC in 10 minutes with 8-12:

Good mornings

DB Snatch

Wall Ball

Strict Pull-ups (x 4-6)

NTE 3 rounds.

Strength/Skill Development

Complete 3 sets of:

A1 Option #1. Pistols 5-8/leg (add load as able)

A1 Option #2. DB Russian Box step-up 10-12/leg

A2. Pull-up x 2-4 (Add load as able)

A3. DU Practice x 30 seconds

Rest 1 minute



DB Snatch -alternating arms

Wall Ball

for time.

Cash-out: 500m row

Post best pistol/RBSU, pull-up, overall time w/DB load & 500m row time.


2 thoughts on “130817 Saturday

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name RBSU/Pistol Pull-up/Time/DB/Row
    Shankle – – 844/25/1:59
    Denise RBSU 840/30/207
    Rustan 30/25/735/60
    Brooke – – 910/30/2:05
    Jen L Pistols on box/3/722/25/208
    Amy RBSU/8/20/221
    Dale – – 740/45/1:40
    Amber 18#pistol/20×4/8:15/40/2:04.2
    Jes RBSU 12×30#/5#x2/745/20/2:29
    Tom H. RBSU 10×30/26″, 25×4/622/40/2:05
    Chris E. RBSU 40# x 10-24″ 25×4/605/40/1:50
    Haley RBSU 35/9#x2/736/40/1:51.3
    Katie Box pistol – 8:00/35/1:58
    Emily RBSU20#x10-24″/3/6:00/30#/1:57
    Drew RBSU 24″/25#/3×3/7:20/25#/1:44
    Dub Wtd Pistols on box-35#/35×4/646/60/2:00
    John pistol/27×4/747/60/1:52


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