130822 Thursday



AMRAC in 10 minutes with 6-10:

Sumo Deadlift

H/R Push-up

Kettlebell Swing

C2B Pull-up

NTE 3 Rounds.

Strength/Skill Development

A1. DB Lunge Squat or Split Squat @ 2011; 5-8/leg x 4

A2. 1-arm DB Sumo Deadlift High-pull; 10-16 alternating arms x 3

Partner WOD

AMRAP in 12 minutes:

7 Kettlebell Swings (NTE 2/1.5 pd)

7 Goblet Squats

7 H/R Push-ups

One person at a time works through a full round then the other partner starts.

Post best DB LS/SS x 8, 1-arm SDHPx16 & total rounds as a team.

One thought on “130822 Thursday

  1. Shanna

    Name DB LS/SS 1-armSDHPx16/Total Rnds
    Robin/joy 30/30/13
    Josh 35-SS/45/14+7
    MenneM 40SS/50/13+2
    Meredith BW/25/6.5
    Ananda 25/25/6.5
    Heather 40/20×6/30/8+21
    Sarah B. 35×8/30/8+21
    Maggie 45LS/45/13+2
    Susie 35LS/30/8+21
    Matt T. 40SS/45/14+7
    Allan 50×6/45/13+12
    Bryan B. 45×6/55/25/13+12
    MCK LS 30/25/16+11
    KK LS 25/55/16+11
    Amber SS 30/55/16+12Rx
    Dan F. 55SS/55/16+12Rx
    Marta 25/25/10+5
    Kim 20/30/10+5
    Jordan 60×8/55/14+12
    Chapman 60×6/55/14+12
    Kim H. 30×8/35/16+7


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